Quatro LavaLoon attack is quite a famous attack as it can yield some very good results. Though the Quatro LavaLoon attack is quite difficult to execute and requires a whole lot of practice and perfect timing. As in the previous guide we told you how to execute LightningLaloon attack to get sure 3 stars vs a TH9. This time, we are trying to point out some errors in an attack strategy that can surely yield 3 stars.

Quatro LavaLoon vs TH9 failed Video:

After watching the video you can clearly point out some errors which are:

  • The player used inappropriate troops for attacking. As the base had air defenses in all the corner ends.
  • No use of LightningLaLoon.
  • ZapQuake can come handy when performing Quatro LavaLoon.
  • Skeleton traps (on air stance) were ignored as Loons are unable to kill the flying skeletons.
  • Wrong timing of dropping Lava Hounds.
  • Archer Queen of the enemy did a lot of damage to the Balloons.
  • Wrong use of the spells.


The whole strategy should be planned before the attack, moreover, proper troop preparation is necessary. We will bring you a guide soon that will show how to execute the Quatro LavaLoon attack properly.


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