There are so many different streaky games available for mobile phones these days that it can be hard for the player to decide which game he or she wants to play. However, there are some games that have won everyone’s hearts because of the amazing gameplay and the addictive features. One of these games is Clash of clans.

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As the name suggests, in this game there are different clans. To make your clan your own in the most real sense ever, you can also name your clan. Since your clan will also involve your friends, you can come up with a cool name together.

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As you play in a clan, you have to defend your village from the enemies. This village is your home and you have to build it as you are playing the game. To make different things in the village, you will need gems and other currency that you can use for making buildings in the game. So, you are playing a strategic game in which you combat the enemies and you are also planning your village settlement.

Clash of Lights:

Clash of lights is a slightly different version of the original game. It has the same gameplay as you will expect when you see that the home page for both the games is the same. The difference in the game is that you will not need to buy any gems or Elixirs in this version that you will be playing on the private server. So, you will get unlimited gems that you can use in the game to make building or to speed up the process of production in the game. Anyway, you will have an unlimited supply of currency that you can use in different ways to make your village safe and grand.

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