When I started off playing Clash of Clans way back in 2012, I had been addicted to the game (in an optimistic way). I played it every single day, at times for hours and I improved my village gradually but steady.

After a whole year, I was being stuck. I just couldn’t take off 3 Star attacks and my base available all my sources and trophies to almost all attackers. That had been the point exactly where I wanted to improve, so I started out looking about for techniques and strategies to turn into a better Clasher.

clash of clans upgrade guide

That was very tough, so I thought I would start my own website – attackia.com – Now its live and here you can find lots of working strategies, i.e. Attacking, Defending / Base Design, Farming, Clan War, Clan Management and lots more.

Complete Attacking Guides for Clash of Clans 2017:

Attacking is considered the most main a part of the game, but there are numerous aspects of it – an attack begins with a strategy, a strategy, scouting and execution. I have separated the guides through these various topics.

clash of clans attack strategy

GoWiPe Attack Strategy Clash of Clans:

GoWiPe attack strategy is widely seen as the best attack strategy in Clash of Clans. All of us have been aware of it yet do you know the best method to use it precisely. Read GoWiPe Attack Strategy Clash of Clans here.

GoWiVa Attack Strategy Clash of Clans:

GoWiVa Attack Strategy is an extremely brand new technique of attacking in Clash of Clans, including troops similar to Golem, Wizards and Valkyries. Well, everyone knows upgrading P.E.K.K.A and Golems are actually pain as it takes heavy elixir and dark elixir. GoWiPe is an extremely famous and useful strategy in Clash of Clans but the GoWiVa can give up significantly better outcomes. Read GoWiVa Attack Strategy Clash of Clans here in detail.

LightningLaLoon Sure 3 Star Attack Strategy for Town Hall 9:

Of course we all know Loons in Clash of Clans are capable of doing a severe amount of damage, regrettably, due to their low hit points, we can’t simply make all Loon attack. We have to cover all the air defenses at very first. So for the meat shield we exploit Lava Hounds, and together with the Lava Hounds the lightning spell is extremely important. Read LightningLaLoon Attack Strategy here in complete form.

GoHog Strategy OverKill vs Almost Maxed TH9 Clash of Clans:

GoHog is the perfect technique to kill nearly maxed Town halls 8 and Town halls 9. It is basically difficult to handle but when practiced and used properly it can give up a few remarkable results. GoHog guarantees 3 stars on even a maxed TH 9 with level 9-10 walls. Read GoHog Attack Strategy!

ZapQuake Dragon Attack Strategy TH8 Clash of Clans:

ZapQuake is actually a combination of Lightning Spells (Zaps) and Earthquake Spells (Quake). You need to drop 2 Lightning Spells and also 1 Earthquake Spell on an air defense based upon its level and you can very easily clear out the defenses. Read the complete strategy here.

Bowler Attack Strategy To Clean Sweep Town Hall 9 Clash of Clans:

Bowler is the most recent of the troops in Clash of Clans. The Bowler is a superb strong troop that tosses a big boulder that bounces over multiple targets to destroy them all. The bowler never have favored targets attack any building and in contrast to Golems, the bowler does handle Clan Castle troop, once the CC troops are dead it goes on to smash buildings near by. If you want to master this technique must read!

Army Compositions Clash of Clans 2017:

Army Compositions Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 Army Composition:

In this guide, I discussed complete army composition concerning Town Hall 8. We have no other guides regarding rest Town Halls, we will update it and provide you links here. Furthermore, if you want some ideas about attacking compositions you can take ideas provided above!

Spells in Clash of Clans 2017:

Spells Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Choosing the Right Spells for your Army:

This guide will let you complete information about all Town Halls spells compositions, i.e. TH8, TH9, TH10 and TH11. Read Clash of Clans Choosing the Right Spells for your Army here. If you want details about complete information about spells you can read that guide too!

Using Heroes in Clash of Clans 2017:

There’s considerably more about Heroes than simply throwing them into the battle – I have summed up all important on Heroes here:

Heroes Clash of Clans

Archer Queen Upgrade Guide:

Archer Queen is among the people’ most preferred heroes from Clash of Clans which you would certainly want while seeking to attack or defense. A number of the heroes in COC are great at attacking while certain are utilized better if you are defending. One of the features of Archer Queen is that she is appropriate for both the conditions. She is an eagle-eyed warrior whose range of attack is like the sight of an eagle and she wields a crossbow which is often upgraded to get more damage. You can read it right here.

Barbarian King Iron Fist – A Key to Victory – Clash of Clans:

The Barbarian King is the toughest and meanest Barbarian in all the realm, whose appetite for Dark Elixir has caused him to grow to a giant size. He can attack enemy villages or guard your village. You can read it here for complete information …

Best Base Designs for Clash of Clans 2017:

Base Designs Clash of Clans

Your base is your back-up which has to hold tight while your not online. I wish to provide you with some things that will assist you make your own base stronger and I also provide frequently updated strong base layouts you may use.

Best Clash of Clans Th9 Farming Base:

Starting with your farming base is great but since the web farming bases trend is out there, a lot of people go with previously built town hall 9 farming bases downloaded from the web. And, since these people were in most, I chose to go by using a base which I downloaded via internet. You can read this guide right here!

Best Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 Hybrid Base Layout:

This base is worked to ensure that the whole thing similarly. There are several functions in this base funneling troops inside Walls from expected that way would the a lot set traps. Those functions work to a fantastic degree well in all kinds of situations. Read full guide here!

Clash of Clans Strategy 3 Star Any TH11 Base:

Right this moment, there have been plenty of chatter over the communities as well as other outlets about how precisely hard it is to get a 3 star at Town Hall 11. Since miners were nerfed into the ground, there have been much less 3 stars in comparison to what we had become used to. Learn Clash of Clans Strategy 3 Star Any TH11 Base here.

No more Flying Dragons – Anti Dragon TH9 Base:

Town Hall 9 or TH9 is regarded as the most grossing Clash of Clans base nowadays and everybody is trying to innovate something new. The last bases in the Clash of Clans failed to have too useful defensive plans against the dragons but now with Th9, dragons can certainly be defended. You can read it here!

Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 Anti Hog Base:

In this guide I am about to be sharing distinct bases (largely at TH8) to assist you to fight those hogs. The primary key in stopping opponent Hog Riders is giving up them within you first defense wall or before. Through this article I will be featuring multiple base designs that may significantly help in defending against an enormous Hog Rider attack. Read Town Hall 8 Anti Hog Base complete guide right here!

Clash of Clans Farming & Upgrading 2017:

Clash of Clans farming

Farming with Goblin Knife – TH 9:

A couple of days ago above I did post a small useful farming strategy with Goblins together with a big people are normally applying it ever since then. Although it is an extremely farming strategy (you can continue reading concerning it at below) but it’s fairly hard to get Dark Elixir, especially for late-TH9 players, people who just worry about Dark Elixir after maxing every aspect with Gold and Elixir. You can read that special guide must read!

Clash of Clans Goblin Knife – Farming Strategy:

Most recent time we talk about how you can farm Gold and Elixir with BARCH strategy at Town Hall 8. The major reason why I chose that BARCH is almost always to acquire Gold and Elixir instead of including Dark Elixir is that almost all Town Hall 7 and 8 bases will spot the DE Storage along with DE drill deep inside the center. Read that special guide here.

Farming with Goblin Knife – TH 8:

Very last time we talk about ways to farm Gold and Elixir with BARCH strategy at Town Hall 8. The major reason why I chose that BARCH is almost always to acquire Gold and Elixir rather than such as Dark Elixir is that almost all Town Hall 7 and 8 bases will spot the DE Storage along with DE drill deep inside the center.

Goblin Knife Farming Strategy – Farming Without Heroes:

A few months above I published a cool farming strategies with Goblins Knife along with a good deal of players have been using it since then. However, that it must be a stunning farming strategy (you will take a look about it at here) yet it’s really hard to get Dark Elixir, specially for late-TH9 players, players who basically think about Dark Elixir. Read here!

Free Gems Clash of Clans 2017:

Gems Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Free Gems For Android No Survey:

Clash of Clans is our all valuable time favorite game. According to a Clash of Clans dev around 100 Million people right now in the world play the game which is played in just about all countries of the world except Tuvalu a country of Oceania. Read here!

Clash of Clans Free Gems Hack No Survey for iOS:

Right here we have brought you an easy technique through which you can buy gems without spending a dime and you don’t need to complete irritating surveys. Simply follow the following easy steps. Read here!


Hope you like this special guide. Let us know if you think we have missed up some thing via in comments!














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