We now have developed the very first ever Clash of Clans Private Server. We are by now the number one choice and we have been determined to make it this way. Clashers appreciate our server due to its abilities as well as its stability, everything comes in the original game is also accessible on our server. Alongside that, we installed “Custom Mods” Support, and therefore we are able to easily implement player-made mods on our Server. This provides a new game play feel for die-hard Clash of Clans lovers.

coc private server apk 2016


It is totally different to the Official Server?

We know that these we have back for Custom Mods, but we as well bumped off the more frustrating elements of Clash of Clans. In the official server, gems are extremely costly and chests are quite annoying to unlock due to time counters. Use our Private Server so you will have limitless Gems as well as Gold. Every chest you have to open can be launched instantly, forget about paying for Gems with no more waiting time for opening up chest boxes.

Benefits of Clash of Clans Private Server.

Okay, so you are going to get this server but why do you need it? Well, the biggest benefit of getting private server in COC are all those unlimited and free stuff for which you spend days and months to get. Listed below are few more benefits of getting this private server.

1. Get unlimited clash of clans stuff such as upgrades and achievements.
2. Also, get all this stuff for free as well.
3. This is the easiest way of playing the game since you put less work and get more.
4. All stuff such as Gold, Elixir, and Gems for absolutely free and unlimited in number.
5. You join all official servers and clans for free as well.
6. The troops which take days and month to train can now be trained within seconds with this server.
7. One of the funniest things you can do is fighting your own troops while you are not on the brink of a war.
8. Reaching to town hall 11 could take months with daily play but with private server in clash of clans, you can do that in days.

Where to get our Private server?

Its very easy to our Clash of Clans Private server simply click above link with color, it will redirect to our private server or you can use our fhx server too!



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