Clash of Clans is not just some petty mobile game. On a professional level, there are so many gamers who have made their name in the world of COC. These are the players who have spent thousands of dollars and time to reach the top level. Today, we are going to tell you about the Top 5 Clash of Clans Best Players in 2018 who are dominating the world of this online strategy game. So without any further delay, let us introduce to them.

Mohammad Maher:

The guy who recently topped the list of the top players in the game is Mohammad Maher who has made the record for winning the most number of trophies (4512) in the game. His real name is Richard and he is from Lebanon who currently stays in Dubai. Maher is known for spending $490 a week on gems which about 14000 gems per week. Now here is a number which is more than enough to build the strongest army in the game and thus, he is ranked at 5th spot.


Let us introduce you to another hardcore player Lee whose real name cannot be revealed upon his request. Till now, Lee has spent about $5000 in the game which might seem a lot of money, however, he think of that as a good investment since he would spend that money anyway on boos and partying with his friend while spending now in the game, Lee think of it as a better investment. He has also spent thousands of hours in the game making him the 4th best Clash of Clans player in 2018.

George Yao.

Though not currently, George Yao holds the record for the longest run as the #1 player in Clash of Clans i.e. for six months. Even before Maher could do it, he was the player who managed to win 4000 trophies for the first time. Yao is also one of the most followed in the player on the social media with 79k twitter followers. Though his skills were excellent as well, he also reached that spot by spending $250 every week on gems and other resources.


While you think you are getting good in the game, you could always get hit by someone as beast as TOSETH who is currently at 2nd spot in the global leaderboards. Here is the game with 4558 trophies, spends a lot of cash on the game, and his skills are also so perfect that you would think a thousand times before you finally decide to meddle with this guy.

Korean Player:

So finally, here we are with our number one spot. There is a little we know about this guy. All we currently know is that he is from Korea and is the leader of the leaderboards with 4571 trophies and even though other players are getting nearer, there is a still a lot of time. Also, he is going to score trophies even faster with this current speed placing him at the #1 spot.

So these were our Top 5 Clash of Clans Best Players in 2018. Do you want to make it up to our next list? Well, keep playing and spending in Clash of Clans and who know one day you might make it. Till then, stay tuned to our site for more interesting Clash of Clans stuff.

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