Clash of lights xyz S1 is a game for people who have loved the clash of clans in the past and want to play the game with a few lesser limitations. In the original game, you can build things you want in your village and make your clan. The fun part is that you can prepare your clan for battle and name it whatever you wish to. Clash of the light home is a game where you can get the gems and coins in unlimited number. With this amazing opportunity, you can enjoy the game to the fullest.

Clash of Lights XYZ APK

Lights Serve Clash royale:

Clash royale is the same as clash of lights xyz s2. S2 is a more updated version which means that it is suitable for people who have high end phones and want to play games without any crashes or issues in the game. Clash of lights xyz clash royale is a dream come true for builders who want to upgrade their village and build new things. You can also get new things for defence and offence in the clash of light.

The light server is private so you will have to connect to it. It happens easily but sometimes, you may need to wait if there is too much traffic on the server. These light servers are quite fun if you are up for combat and strategy. You can make your own clan by inviting friends and keep your village protected using cannons and traps all around it. Make your walls bigger and Keep the enemies out.

Basically, you can have a lot of fun with this version of the game. Simply get the download link for the mod from the Internet by writing the name of the version you want in the Google search tab. It is as easy as that.

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