Very last time we discuss how you can farm Gold and Elixir with BARCH technique at Town Hall 8. The main reason why I chose that BARCH is usually to acquire Gold and Elixir rather than including Dark Elixir is that nearly all Town Hall 7 and 8 bases will spot the DE Storage as well as DE drill deep inside the center.

TH 8 Farming with Goblin Knife

To gain all sources you will need lvl 5 Barbarians and Archers along with the support of lvl 5 Goblins together with Giants (level 4 Wall Breakers will always make do at this point). Therefore if you are still exploring these units, It is best to farm Gold and Elixir very first to make them improved before going for an all sources raid.

Farming with Goblin Knife:

Let’s start discussing about basics this strategy including, Army composition, tips and tricks etc.

Army and Spell composition:

  • 10 Giants (at least lvl 5).
  • 65 Archers (minimum at lvl 5).
  • 65 Goblins (should be at lvl 5 to gain treasure quickly).
  • 2 Rage Spells to give them a boost.
  • 1 Healing Spell to heal them all, while targeting for Dark Elixir.

Clash of Clans Goblin Knife TH 8

How to do that attack ?

Choose the weakest Walls to breakdown. Once having chosen a direction, drop a single Giant to entice and soak up defenses damage.

Drop 2 Wall Breakers to open up the very first sheet of Walls. This could provide your Giants directly entry to some Towers (mind those funnels – they might pull up your Giants and Goblins and then spoil your strategy).

After that drop the remainder of your Giants to soak up attract shoot and damage whilst deploying sets of Wall Breakers to break up extra Walls. Don’t place them in together. Using about 2 second break in between deploying every set.

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