In the recent update of clash of clan for the Christmas Celebration, COC community comes along with the brand new Hog Rider Event. so there are plenty of people who find themselves asking what exactly is Latest Hog Rider Event in New Clash of clan Christmas 2016 Update?

Hog Rider Event

Hog Rider Event 2017 Complete Information Of Christmas Update Of Clash of Clan:

“Wow what will this be related with, what do you guys think? I think it will be related with   hogs being cheap and less time for cooking them.”

“Maybe a challenge where you have to use x amount of hogs in raids and 3-star or something. You get rewards for using hog armies etc.
It’s something to do with hogs being butchered into ham for Christmas.
My guess is that they will go on sale. They started doing this in boom beach pretty regularly by giving huge discounts on troops. Those are events too.

Kinda like then witch and balloons went on sale during Halloween. Except now they won’t need an upstate to push it out to everyone.

I really hope it’s some kind of game challenge, but I’m not that lucky.

Maybe they’ll just make them cheaper and faster to train for a period of time
If this is what an “event” is I will be extremely disappointed. I read some hype on the forums about events and I hope they live up to it. Discounting a troop is hardly an event. Now maybe buffed stats and cheaper, now that could be fun!”

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