The number of players using hacks in Clash of Clans is increasing day by day since it is much easier and entertaining to play with them. They save you the trouble of going through all the hard work to create troops, collect resources, raise buildings, and other stuff which takes a lot of time if you do them without cheats. Since many wise gamers get the hacks from good places where all the guides are present such as from our website, they are less exposed to the risks which come along using these hacks. But, there are people who don’t realize the risks and use these hacks without taking any precaution, they get exposed to different risks for which they have to pay eventually. To avoid this, we have prepared this guide so that we can save you from all these Clash of Clans hack risks.

What are different Clash of Clans Hack Risks?

Now since we have told you that there are a lot of risks involved in using hacks and cheats for Clash of Clans, let us now introduce you to these risks so that you can avoid them at any time.

Risk 1: Your Account will get banned:

It is quite clear that the use of hacks and cheats is not allowed and when you do this, you violate the laws and rules made by the game makers and if they find out these violations, your account will get banned. Even though the account can be recovered but only when it is temporary. Since hacking is a hard crime, most accounts get banned for life and you can recover those. However, you may still be able to retrieve that account but for that you have got to have a strong proof of not using the hack which is quite impossible, isn’t it?

Risk 2: You will be kicked out of Clans:

Another risk could be getting banned from the clans you are in. Since many good clan players tend to play the legit way and they build all of this by experience and spending a lot of time and that is why they would not allow anyone using hacks to enter their clans. You may still be able to join other clans but the bigger clans won’t still accept you.

How to avoid Clash of Clans Hack Risks?

Here are few tips with the help of which you can avoid these risks and have a safe career as a Clash of Clan hacker.

While you are upgrading stuff such as troops and building to create the army, this is when you need resources and this should be the moment when you activate hack. Get the maximum benefits of the hack such as resources, building of troops, and when this is done, disable the hack and keep playing the game with your clan.

When you are not in clans and using the hacks openly, make sure that you don’t do that in the attacks or at the time of defending an attack because this is the time when the owners will know of your mischief and they will kick you right out of the game. Once you are precautious and use the hacks in the right way, you can avoid all these clash of clans hack risks and this is how you can expand your career as an anonymous COC hacker.

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