The Healing Spell is needed by nearly all players from once it is very first accessible through Town Hall 11. This focused guide will highlight summary and interesting facts.

COC Healing Spell

True fact covering its importance in game:

“The Healing Spell is the only spell with supportive effect that will stack. There is a myth that spells don’t stack in general, but the Healing Spell does stack on your troops!”

Healing Spell Complete Guide Clash of Clans:

Healing Spell is a kind of magic spell, that posses a special kind of powers whenever a troops come into its circle it will get automatically heal up the troops until it disappears. Lets discuss about its overall summary guide.

COC Healing Spell Summary:

  • It requires 6 mins to generate in the Spell Factory.
  • When positioned, the spell makes a stationary ring of healing on the nearby.
  • All friendly sets within the ring will likely be healed (ground or air), such as Healers.
  • It stays for a total of 12 secs (40 healing ‘pulses’ every 0.3 seconds).
  • Heroes is also healed by the using the Healing Spell, although the level of healing is decreased to half that of regular troops.

Healing Spell Clash of Clans

Interesting Facts Concerning Healing Spell:

You can heal a Healer with a Healing Spell. Furthermore, unlike the Healer, Air Troops could possibly be healed.

Any unit that stay off the Healing Spell’s radius will swiftly stop being healed.

Even though the Healing Spell tend to be updated to lvl 2 in the lvl 2 Laboratory, only Troops as well as Spells that happen to be by now unlocked will be in the Laboratory upgrade interface. The Healing Spell will not likely be found in the Laboratory until the Spell Factory continues to be upgraded to lvl 2 (which takes Town Hall level 6). Almost all players currently have a lvl 4 Laboratory by this time; if so, the very first two upgrades will probably be available when the Spell Factory level 2 upgrade ends.







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