Goblin Knife is among the strongest farming strategies to choose from and became popular for farming Dark Elixir whilst improving Heroes. The name talks about the attack very good – it’s an extremely quick attack that runs directly into the core of a base within secs. After this strategy came up, it seemed just a fast-stealing strategy, but it could be used incredibly workable today if put into use perfect.

COC Goblin Knife farming strategy

How Goblin Knife Strategy Works ?

This farming strategy usages Giants and Wallbreaker to trigger up the base as well as some Archers to create the funnel.

After this is ready, the Goblins will likely be deployed with multiple-finger-style and go for the Storage area along with the Town Hall in the middle. To do this, you can use possibly an Earthquake Spells or a Jump Spell.


Goblin Knife may appear far more compared to a farming strategy which will take a few resources but get you drop. You will definitely get trophies including a so much loot, all you need to do is to choose your bases precisely.

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