In Clash of Clans, you have to build the best war base if you want to protect your village from being raided. T10 war base 2018 anti-everything is a strong war base that will keep your village protected from anything that the opponent clan may use to attack your village.

Every player makes their own COC th10 war base in 2018. However, you can get inspiration from the Internet. If you do that, make sure to rotate the layout a little and to set your traps in different positions. This is because many people get inspiration from the same website or video so you do not want everyone to already know your traps’ position.

Th 10 War base 2018 anti Everything:

Of course, you would want to play with TH 10 war base anti-everything to keep your clan safe. This base is quite hard to crack. On the left side, there is a funnel while on the right side, the town hall is present. It has small sections that are good for breaking an attack. This is one Th war base anti 3 stars that are followed by many people in Clash of Clans for PC.

Best TH10 war base 2018:

You can have a Th 10 war base anti 2 star in the game. To do that, you can create an anti-air base. This is helpful if the opponent launches an air attack on your base with the Inferno placement. If you layout your base in compartments strategically, that will make it hard for Valkyries to attack.

TH10 War Base 2018

They will not be able to reach the middle even. A Th 10 war base 2017 anti 2 stars will keep your territory safe to quite an extent. So, you need to spend some time on forming a base to ensure safety.

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