We are going to through the beautiful season of spring. Well, besides beautiful flowers and greenery which are growing all around, your favorite online strategy game is also getting its update for the season. Today, we are going to have a look at all the news and preview of the features of Clash of Clans Spring Update 2018. While we have a lot to discuss, let us jump straight to our primary objective.

Note: Make sure that you read this till the end because something really big is coming for you in this update.


Clash of Clans Spring Update 2018 New Features and Upgrades:

The update released in spring every year is the biggest update of all. Nothing has changed for this year and listed below are the major upgrades for this year’s spring update:

Walls in TH11:

As far as the walls are concerned, the most pieces of them are in town hall 11 that is 125. However, they are going to be upgraded to 300 pieces after this upgraded and this is massive.

Decreased Damage to Wizard Tower:

It took much more time to take down the Wizard Tower. Now, its life will be downgraded by taking it down to 54 from 56 and now you can save some time while bringing this tower down. However, this is not good if they are a part of your defensive strategy.

The Inferno Tower Upgrades:

We know that you love this tower and I think, Super Cell knew that as well. That is why they have made some changes to the Inferno tower at different levels including level 3, 4, and 5. The upgrades are listed below:

  • Level 3: 41 to 45
  • Level 4: 50 to 53
  • Level 5: 57 to 63

The Troop Upgrades for PEKKA:

All of us love PEKKA and this update focuses on some updates for this creature in the Clash of Clans. Following is how these updates go:

  • Level 4 is now available at Town Hall 9 instead of Town Hall 10.
  • Level 6 is now available at Town Hall 10 instead of Town Hall 11
  • Costs 8.5 million Elixir instead of 10 million.
  • Level 7 is available at Town Hall 11 – Upgrade times have been adjusted/reduced so the Level 7 upgrade is now 14 days.

The Traps Upgrades:

Super Cell has made a lot of upgrades to the bombs in the game. We have enlisted the major updates for you:

  • A Level 4 update for the Skeleton Trap is added.
  • A Level 5 update for the Giant Bomb is added.
  • The Bomb level is also upgraded to Level 7.
  • If you are into Air Bombs, well, they are also getting a Level 5 update.

Clash of Clans Spring Update 2018: The Trader.

Well, finally we are here with the news of the day. So the biggest announcement of this spring update is the introduction of The Trader. Super Cell is introducing a traveling merchant to the game. The players below Town Hall 8 wouldn’t be able to find him because he is being introduced to the players for TH8 and above. There are many things which The Trader can do for you and we have listed some of its top benefits for you:

  • He will be setting up shops on both sides of the clans.
  • Look out for him because he might have some special deals for you.
  • He might benefit you with some magical features for the first time.
  • Some of the unusual and rare stuff might be coming your way.
  • Don’t forget to look for this massive bald man with the mustache.

So this was everything you needed to know about this Clash of Clans Spring Update 2018. Stay tuned to ATTACKIA for more Clash of Clans stuff!

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