Clash of Clans is one of the most played game around the world featuring a strategy based kingdom building game where you start from a simple village but upgrade your way through with passage of time. You can also battle other players in online multiplayer, where your troops attack village of other players and acquire useful resources like gold and elixir which is used to establish your own base and deploying troops.

You can also join a clan or make a clan and invite your friends in the clan, game usually takes long time to establish a powerful and leveled up kingdom with experienced troops. This is the place where Clash of Clans events come in, many events are announced for the gamed where you get extreme benefit, like buying huge army with reduced cost and getting gems and gold as prizes. Some events like Wizard Event offers affordability of troops and other events like rage spells makes spells cheap likewise there is an event named as triple clan XP event. On the completion of 3 years of Clash of Clans, studio announced an event where your clan will get triple amount of XP.

It is one of the best event you can have providing an excellent chance to level up your base along with clan. Greater XP will help you a lot to become the best, you just need a good strategy backed up with powerful troops and clan. With this XP boost event your clan will become much stronger than ever and there is a high probability of getting a higher ranked position in the global leaderboards. So what are you waiting for participate in the event play COC as much as you can and enjoy the triple XP gain in no time. Did you like reading about this event? Keep visiting our website for more free Clash of Clans stuff.

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