Your Clash of Clans Farming Base is important because it holds and produces all the resources you earn in the game. Many players seem to neglect this base because it does not hold trophies which is a grave mistake. In this article, we will tell you about Top 3 Best TH9 Farming Base 2018. This TH9 base 2018 is your best guide to learn some tips and tricks to develop your own farming base and protect it. We shall begin.

TH9 Anti-Everything Farming Base:

When it comes to the farming bases in the current year, this anti-everything farming base 2018 is the most famous one. We cannot expose the name of the players but will definitely give a layout of the base and the things which it contains to tell you why it is so popular. Without wasting any more of your time, let us discuss that:

TH9 Anti-Everything Farming Base

Defense of TH9 Anti-Everything Farming Base:

The top reason why this base is so popular is that of its defensive abilities against the ground troops and loons. It is because of so many compartments which the ground troops take so long to destroy and get themselves destroyed in the process. In the core of the village, the most important defenses are placed and this prevents even the air attackers from invading the village.

Listed below are the troops against which this base is really good:

  • The base is really active and good against the ground troops.
  • Due to so many compartments, they fail to make the final invasion.
  • The base is also really good against the Barbarians and Giants.
  • Upgrade your walls and even Valkyries will be useless against this base.
  • Air Troops including Minions, Lava Troops, and Loons stand no chance.

The TH9 Hybrid Farming Base 2018:

The second TH9 farming base which we would like to discuss here is this TH9 Hybrid Farming Base 2018 which has some of the features from war base and is thus called a hybrid base. The primary feature due to which this base became so popular is its protection of dark elixir which is an important resource in the game and is used for the development of dark heroes and troops in the game. It is basically a beautiful combination of some certain elements which combine all together to form an unbeatable base in the game.

The top features of this base are:

  • It works for the massive protection of dark elixir in the game.
  • These dark elixirs are then used for upgrading the dark troops and heroes.
  • This base has enough compartments to contain your crossbows.
  • A large number of compartments with crossbows makes the defense much easier.
  • It also allows you to plan the air defenses properly and thus your village is protected.

The Epic TH9 Farming Base 2018:

The defense against golems, giants, and the Valkyries in a single army is really difficult. However, the design of this base ensures that even when these troops are combined, they are unable to do much against it and thus, we have named it our Epic TH9 Farming Base 2018. And, that is not it. Another reason why we love this base so much is that of the easier way in which it is made. It doesn’t require any special effort and all you need to do is some basic work.

The top features of this base are:

  • The protection against the Valkyries, Giants, and Golems altogether.
  • This base is really easy to build for any player.
  • The patterns are easier to make which anyone can make.
  • You will need to rotate the compartments at times for max effect.
  • The rotation keeps ground troops outside the base and their attack is useless.

So these were our Top 3 Best TH9 Farming Bases 2018. What would you like to add? Don’t forget to leave us your opinion in the comments and stay tuned!

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