GoWiPe attack strategy is regarded as the most widely used attack strategy in Clash of Clans. Everyone has been aware of it yet do you know the best way to use it accurately. Here in this guide, we are going to explain the most effective way to use GoWiPe attack in Clash of Clans.

GoWiPe Attack Strategy:

Troops required for GoWiPe:

GoWiPe Attack Strategy

GoWiPe Attack Strategy TH8:

For the attack you will need 2 Golems (if you are attacking a strong base you will need a high-level Golem). 2 P.E.K.K.A you should make level 2 + is required for a good attack and take one with yourself in clan castle. 5 of the wall breakers are needed of LVL 4 at least. Wizards of LVL 5, 18 you should cook., 1 hog of any level to attract the cc troops out of the castle and 2 archers. Well, yes, don’t forget your Barbarian King which should bear at least ability Lvl 1 which unlocks when your Barbarian King is Lvl 5 at least. On the spell front, you will need 2 x heal spells at least of LVL 5, 1 x rage spell at least of Lvl 4 and 1 x poison spell any level and take 1 poison spell with you via CC.

For the attack first throw in your hog to the building that is nearest to the clan castle. It will emerge all the clan castle troops out. Then immediately throw poison spell on them, in case there is a dragon in clan castle you should have to drop the second poison spell just when you find the effect of the first poison spell is diminishing. Now drop your Golems in such a way that they should cover the maximum of defense. Just behind the Golems, drop your few Wizards (not all) like 4 or 5, now that is the time to throw in your wall breakers, drop them in sets of 2 at a time as mortar can kill them all at once. Once you have a break through in walls and have destroyed the near buildings using the Wizards, now you can drop your P.E.K.K.As, make sure that they get in not scatter here and there which may result in a defeat. Now drop the remaining Wizards behind P.E.K.K.A. Use heal spells when ever required and near to the town hall you should drop the rage spell for the quick destruction of the Town Hall.

GoWiPe Attack Strategy TH9 +:

You try the same strategy as aforementioned with stronger troops. Or you can follow the queen walk strategy in GoWiPe as shown. in the video below. Sometimes when attacking Town Hall 9 or 10 we figure out that the walls are extremely strong of some high level or the Town Hall is placed somewhere in between the other buildings where you can not access directly. So to counter that you can take 4 earthquake spell to destroy any level of walls.


GoWiPe is quite tough to master, yet it can easily yield 2 stars on strong bases and 3 stars on bases with lesser wall obstruction.

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