Being a Clash of Clans player, if you are looking forward to make a new clan but you have no experience doing that then we are here to help you. Clash of Clans Recruiting takes a lot of experience in general because you need to know about the skills and abilities of players who are going to join your clan. Also, to make a better clan, you need to know places from where you can recruit some good game players who are well familiar with all the game modes of this game. They must have good experience both in defense and attack, they should have a town hall 7 or higher and they must be aware of the basic offensive and defensive strategies. It is always better to make a clan with people who you know personally but since not all of your nearby friends play this game, listed below are few important tips and tricks for clash of clans recruiting.

Tips & Tricks for Clash of Clans Recruiting:

Listed below are few important tips and tricks for the purpose.

1. First, you need to know that where you can find all these players. Well, there are a lot of clash of clans forums on the internet where you can connect with people and tell them that you are recruiting players for your clan.

  1. Once you have found enough people for your clan, ask them for their strengths, weaknesses and other abilities so that you can be aware of the strength of your clan.
  2. It is always better to recruit players who gave town hall level 7 or higher because they are more experienced and then you can make a stronger clan.
  3. Recruit player who are familiar with both the offensive and defensive strategies of every troops in their clan.
  4. Recruit players who have different troops and other warfare stuff that you so that you can stun enemies with different tactics each time you attack.

So, these were few important tips and tricks for clash of clans recruiting. If you know some other tactics then you can share us in the comments section along with your feedback. Keep visiting our website for more Clash of Clans stuff.

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