Grand Warden in Clash of Clans is a combination of the powers of both the healer and the wizard which makes him one of the most important characters. When a Grand Warden is by your side, it will heal your troops in the battle while doing lots of other stuff as well with his magical powers. Nothing can stop him from travelling to places since with his powers, he can easily cross walls and buildings transparently. A thing which bothers players is that the Grand Warden cannot be created manually. It gets created automatically after the creation of Grand Warden Altar but for that you will need to reach town hall 11 and 6,000,000 Elixir which are just too much to have. So, in this this article, we are also going to tell you the offensive and defensive strategies using which you can use Grand Warden in COC in a better way. Before that, listed below is a summary about the abilities and weaknesses of this character.

The main ability of the Grand Warden is his healing ability which works on a specific range. Any troop or unit which comes in this range will automatically get healed once the warden will say his spell and they can continue fighting for longer.

  • The Grand Warden has both the magical and healing abilities since it is the combination of the healer and the wizard and that is why this is one of the most difficult characters to get in the game.
  • Keep him away from the enemy troops since he is not very powerful physically and will easily die after getting few hits from the enemies but he comes unstoppable while at support.

After the above summary of the Grand Warden, let us now discuss the offensive and defensive strategy of him.

COC Grand Warden

Grand Warden in Clash of Clans: Defensive Strategy:

For the defensive strategy of the Grand Warden, following are few important points.

  1. Defensively the Grand Warden is not very good since it is very weak physically and enemies can get him if you get him closer to them. It will be best if you keep him on support and at a good distance from enemies. He will keep healing your troops and they can continue fighting for longer while Grand Warden can also attack enemies from distance as well but it has lesser damage.
  2. The Grand Warden in Clash of Clans has the ability to convert himself into defensive buildings such as towers and others. It is better to use his this ability while defending because he can still use his healing powers and in the building mode, it will be difficult for the enemies to kill him.

Let us now discuss the offensive strategy of this Grand Warden COC.

Grand Warden in Clash of Clans: Offensive Strategy

Following are the few important points while using Grand Warden offensively:

1. He is one of the characters which has the ability to serve both as air and ground hero and that is why you can use him any position in your army and he can travel to places without any trouble.

  1. If you are facing trouble while destroying the buildings with high DPS core, you can use the Grand Warden since he is very good at destroying such enemy units.
  2. You can deploy him at any point and don’t need to worry about his position since he can jump over the walls and can reach at any point within few seconds.
  3. It is always better to use him in air mode since this will save him from hitting the mines and it can also bring maximum damage from the air.
  4. If you feel trouble while beating the Barbarian King then learn how to position this hero well. If positioned well, he can easily beat the crap out of Barbarian King and his enemy will not be able to touch him even once.
  5. Once you have this hero, different upgrades will become available in the store for him as well and you can keep using those upgrades to make invincible.

So, this was all the important information which you must know before using Grand Warden in Clash of Clans. Keep using these strategies to beat the hell out of your enemies using this hero. Keep visiting our website for more stuff from the world of Clash of Clans.

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