The Valkyrie in Clash of Clans is an aggressive warrior troop with red wild hair, putting on a long leather-based loincloth with matching leather-based brassiere and knee-high boots or shoes. She boasts a huge double-bladed axe by which she shreds enemy buildings and it is around one-half of her size.

The Valkyrie or Valk gets unlocked at TH8. There are total 5 levels to upgrade. Bowlers and Valkyrie both takes 8 housing space on your Army Camp. Valks basically have no preferred targets, they shred a couple of buildings at once, however, if they see enemy troops from Clan Castle or enemy heroes they may depart their previously targeted building and will engage with the enemy troops.

Valkyrie Upgrade Chart:

Level Damage per Second Damage per Attack Hit-points Training Cost  Research Cost  Laboratory Level Required Research Time
1 94 169.2 750 70 N/A N/A N/A
2 106 190.8 800 100 50,000 6 8 days
3 119 214.2 850 130 60,000 7 10 days
4 133 239.4 900 160 70,000 7 12 days
5 148 266.4 1,100 190 110,000 8 14 days


Clash of Clans Valkyries Defense Strategy:

The Valkyries are incredibly strong troops and the only melee unit in the video game that deals splash damage; that they do a ton of damage and have a bit of better health. That makes it enormously useful for getting out Clan Castle units and the latest Update buffed Valkyries letting them swing and hit more efficiently, which has made them a valuable troop. The only structure where this splash effect appears is on walls; Valkyries will usually take away many walls at a time as they attack in a spiral way.

In the very first portion of this guide, I will show you some war base designs that are used by clashers in order to defend against mass Valks, as we all know it is to be a challenging to find some anti-Valk bases.

Clan Castle Defending Troops Against Valkyries:

I see that the Valkyries completely ineffective against aerial units, i.e. Baby Dragon that enrage himself and deal the same damage as a regular Dragon, but moves and fire faster. But keep in your mind, never to put the ground troops in your Clan Castle as Valks can kill your all CC within a few splash attacks.

Selecting an effective spells against mass Valks:

It is a good choice to take poison spell in your Clan Castle instead the Earthquake Spell, as it plays a vulnerable by putting a devastating damage to Valkyries.

Placement of Heroes and Traps:

Put your Barbarian King and Archer Queen directly in the core area (the center or most protected area of your base where you put your Town Hall), and till the attacker manages to funnel Valkyries in there the Heroes specially Archer Queen will wipe a huge chunk of attacker’s army. On the other side, the traps placement is very much important, so put your traps in a series towards the most vulnerable part of the base. Upgrade your spring traps first because giant bombs doesn’t impact Valks very much.

Funneling Valkyries Away From Your Core:

Valkyries, when provided an access to the core of the base, can smash it with ease. Further, don’t put high HP buildings close to each other, so they won’t be able to dig deeper into your core area. Surround crucial defense building such as infernos and X-Bows by high HP buildings such as storages.

Anti Valkyrie War Base Designs for TH10/TH11:

Here are a couple of war base designs that I assume will work quite well against Valkyrie attacks.


In this TH10 war base, you can see that the walls make up no. of compartments which divides the Town Hall and defenses. The number of small separations can break up Valkyrie funneling.


This Town Hall 11 Anti-War Base tries to divide the core from the other defenses of the base. From the replays, I’ve come to a conclusion that this particular base temps Valkyries to go around the whole base rather than going in.

Clash of Clans Best Attack Strategies With Valkyries:

After a few recent updates buffed up Valkyries are getting great attraction specially since the level 5 Valkyries are introduced to the game. Below are a few strategies utilizing Valks check them out.

Valkyrie Tornado 3 Star Strategy for TH8, TH9 and TH10:

Valkyrie Tornado works appropriately from Town Hall 8 to Town Hall 10 not recommended for Town Hall 11. It favored because it doesn’t cost you much of your DE. The common Valkyrie attack strategies you will find are pairing them with Wizards, Giants, and Archers, and sometimes also with Hog Riders, Golems, and Balloons.

Here are three army combinations for every Town Hall level. After few of battles, it’s up to you which one suits you best.

Troops compositions for TH8:

  • Troops: 8 Valkyries, 10 Wizards, 6 Giants, 10 Archers, 4 Healers.
  • Clan Castle troops: Giants or Wizards.
  • Spells: 1 Healing Spell and 2 Rage Spells.

Troops compositions for TH9:

  • Troops: 8 Valkyries, 15 Wizards, 6 Giants, 10 Archers, 4 Healers.
  • Clan Castle troops: Giants or Wizards.
  • Spells: 2 Healing Spell and 2 Rage Spells.

Troops compositions for TH10:

  • Troops: 8 Valkyries, 15 Wizards, 6 Giants, 10 Wall Breakers, 10 Archers, 4 Healers.
  • Clan Castle troops: Giants only.
  • Spells: 1 Healing Spell, 2 Freeze Spells, 2 Rage Spells.

How to do Valkyrie Tornado attack strategy?

Very first put your Giants with 2-3 Healers to distract some defense, make sure that you don’t drop Giants near the AD (Air-Defense) portion of the base. Afterwards, deploy a couple of Archers and Wizards to clear out outside buildings and also the Clan Castle troops. Now drop your Clan Castle troops. Bring in the rest of Healers to protect all the Valkyries and Wizards. Finally, send the rest of troops and Heroes. Watch carefully and use Spells at the right time.

GoVaHo 3 STAR Strategy for TH8, TH9 and TH10:

GoVaHo is getting very popular. Valkyrie strategies are absolutely of of the best attacks at TH8, TH9 and TH10 for sure 3 Stars. 

Troops compositions for TH8:

  • Troops: 4 Valkyries, 12 Wizards, 12 Hog rider and 2 Golems.
  • Clan Castle troops: Max Valkyries.
  • Spells: 4 Earthquake Spell and 2 Healing Spell.

Troops compositions for TH9:

  • Troops: 1 Golems, 12 Valkyries, 14 Hog Rider, 4 Wall Breaker and rest of Wizards.
  • Clan Castle troops: 1 Max Golem.
  • Spells: 1-2 Jump Spells, 1 Healing Spell and rest Rage Spell.

Troops compositions for TH10:

Troops: 2 Golems, 12 Valkyries, 14 Hog Rider, 4 Wall Breaker and rest of Wizards.

Clan Castle troops: 1 Max Golem.

Spells: 1-2 Jump Spells, 1 Freeze Spells, and rest Rage Spell.

How to do Valkyrie GoVaHo attack strategy?

This strategy is a real fast and it overruns bases. First deploy Golem and Wall Breakers to build a funnel. Drop the Clan Castle troops as well, then clear the outside layer with Heroes and Wizards. Finally, put the Hog Rider that will sweep out the rest of the base, but be aware about double Giants Bombs.

GoWiVa 3 STAR Strategy for TH8, TH9 and TH10:

GoWiVa is one of the most popular attack strategy and a better alternative of GoWiPe! You can use this cool strategy against TH8, TH9 and TH10. Some clashers even use the similar technique against TH11 too but that’s a bit risky because of the Eagle Artillery. However, this composition is expensive and not every one like to spend that much DE.

Troops combinations for TH8:

  • Troops: 2 Golems, 7 Wizards, 5 Wall Breaker and 11 Valkyries.
  • Clan Castle troops: All max Wizards.
  • Spells: 3 Healing Spells, Poison Spell and Haste Spell.

How to do Valkyrie GoWiVa attack strategy?

Very first, drop your Golems and followed by your Wizards to clean sweep the outside buildings, create funnel for your Heroes and Valkyries to enter into core. Send some Wall Breakers. After that, deploy the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen. Finally, send the rest Valkyries, watch carefully and use spells.

Conclusion: If you are not a fan of P.E.K.K.A you can use Valks as alternatives.

Clash of Clans Valkyrie
A master of the two-handed axe, this glorious warrior runs between nearby buildings and can shred several troops or buildings at once with her whirlwind blow!
Damage Points
  • Very speedy
  • Targets multiple units at once
  • Great against ground troops
  • Very weak against aerial troops
  • Weak VS spring traps
  • Can be scattered easily
4.4Overall Score
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