There are some troops in Clash of Clans which may not have very high damage power but they can be a really nice addition to your army when you can afford spending some extra resources. One of those troops is Beta Minion which is peculiar flying troop known for its speed and a unique deployment ability.

Beta Minions do not have a very powerful attack and they simply throw Dark Elixir which are explosives and blast to cause damage. They are however, very fast and due to their speed, it takes time for enemies to target them and before they are being targeted, they would have done enough damage to the enemies.

There is a lot which we need to tell you about using Beta Minions so let us move on to the defensive and offensive strategies of these flying units.

Attack Type Damagetype
Movement Speed Speed Attack Speed Attackspeed Builder Barracks Level Required Builder Barracks7 Range Range Special Ability SpecialAbility
Single Target 12 1s 4 4 tiles Long Shot
Damage per Second
Damage per Attack
Number of Units per Army Camp
Number of Long Shots
Research Cost
Star Laboratory Level Required StarLaboratory5 Research Time
1 36 36 100 4 N/A N/A N/A N/A
2 36 36 100 4 2 50,000 2 1 hour
3 40 40 110 4 2 80,000 3 3 hours
4 40 40 110 4 3 120,000 3 5 hours
5 44 44 121 4 3 250,000 4 12 hours
6 44 44 121 6 3 280,000 4 12 hours
7 48 48 133 6 3 320,000 4 1 day
8 48 48 133 6 4 360,000 4 1 day
9 53 53 146 6 4 900,000 5 2 days
10 53 53 146 8 4 1,100,000 5 2 days
11 58 58 161 8 4 1,300,000 6 3 days
12 58 58 161 10 4 1,500,000 6 3 days

Attacking Strategy of Beta Minions:

While you are thinking of an attack, these Beta Minions can be a wonderful additions to your army since they can be useful in number of following ways.

  • Most people protect their buildings by ground defenses and that is why with flying units like Beta Minions, you can always bring damage to enemy buildings from air.
  • Due to their long range, they are effective against all kinds of defenses such as archers, archer towers, and Tesla.
  • You can attack enemy buildings from a good distance and achieve up to a damage of 50%. During these attacks, boxer giants can be used as a distractions so that the enemies might stay busy with Giants while your Beta Minions are doing damage on the other hand.
  • Against enemy defenses such as firecrackers and archer towers, Beta Minions are very useful due to their speed and range.

Defensive Strategy of Beta Minions:

When it comes to defending against these Beta Minions, there is not much you have to do. In fact, they can be easily trapped by using the mines but make sure that these mines are set to air. Besides setting the mines to air, you can place a hidden Tesla and that would be enough to take down these flying units.

Sometimes, when they come in too much close proximity to the archer towers, archers, or dragons, these things can also kill. All you have to do is to make sure that they get a hit and since they are very weak, they will be killed easily.

So this was pretty much everything you needed to know about these flying troops, Beta Minions. You can use this knowledge to your benefit and become a better clan players. For more stuff from the world of Clash of Clans, keep visiting Attackia – Clash of Clans Strategy.

Max Level Beta Minion Swarm:

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