Bowler is the newest of the troops in Clash of Clans. The Bowler is a super powerful troop that tosses a large boulder that bounces over multi targets to damage them all. The bowler have no preferred targets and can attack any building and unlike Golems, the bowler does deal with Clan Castle troop, once the CC troops are dead it continues to wreck buildings near by. Here we cover Bowler vs a decent town hall 9.

Bowler Attack Strategy for TH9:

Troops required for Bowler Attack:

Bowler attack strategy Clash of Clans

For the attack you will need 5 level 5 wall breakers to break into the walls, 4 earthquake spells are required to wreck the walls and give bowler pace while attacking. 2 x High-level Golems will be required as a meat shield. Six level 5 wizards at least are required just like GoWiVa and GoWipe strategies. In Clan Castle, you can take wizards with you or a dragon. On the spell, side takes 2 x Heal spells and 2 x Rage spells. Definitely, Heroes are required.

Executing Bowler Attack Strategy on TH9 for 3 Stars:

  • Drop all earthquakes on the walls nearest to the town hall to make a clean land for bowlers to ensure the domination of town hall.
  • Throw your Golems in a way that they can cover the maximum defense.
  • Behind it throw wizards to create the surrounding buildings.
  • Drop your wall breakers carefully so that they can not be hit by mortar shells. The best way is to drop them in sets of 2.
  • If CC troops come out take it down with your CC (Clan Castle) troops which we previously recommended wizards to carry.
  • Now bring your bowlers in play and place them behind the Golems to get into the base.
  • Drop your heroes as well first Barbarian King and quite behind it the Archer Queen.
  • Use rage spells along with combo of heal spells where required.
  • Watch the video tutorial below.

Bowler Attack Strategy for TH9 Video Tutorial:


The key here is to keep the bowlers alive by dropping the heal spells at the right time and you will get three stars easily.


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