Clash of Clans is a game where you cannot learn the art of attacking without earning mastery over your raiding army. You have got to learn more about the troops, wizards, giants, and other attacking stuff in the game so that you may be able to prepare your Clash of Clans Best Raiding Army.

Well, instead of learning this by experience after spending hours and hours on the game, you could always read a good guide and learn from the experiences of the best players of Clash of Clans. We have made this easier by making a precise a guide for you on the best raiding army in Clash of Clans. Let us begin!

The Guide to Prepare Clash of Clans Best Raiding Army:

We have got to discuss here so let us move ahead to our main purpose without wasting any more time on the intros:

  • While you are just at the beginner level and at lower town hall levels, one of the best army combinations would be making, 12 giants for your army, 8 wall breakers to remove the walls from your way, and the rest of them could be a huge number of goblins and archers whose number you can choose depending on your sources and attacking requirements. As per the experience, a total time of up to 35 hours in Clash of Clans is required to raise an army such as this and they would easily win 3-star at the beginner level.
  • When you upgrade your town hall level and want to fight the bigger enemies, you would need to upgrade your army. By that time with average resources, you can upgrade your giants to a total of 24. You could also train 20 wizards at least during that time and a total of 6-7 Valkyries must be there in your army. If you still have some resources left, you can divide the number of archers, goblins, and ground troops to fight for you.
  • The strength of your army guarantees your success with the right strategy. So while you are able to gather even more resources, it would be wise to strengthen your army even more. You could do few more additions such as adding 11 more wizards and 10-20 archers in your army. Also, focus on recruiting more giants and goblins because they are the ones who can bear more damage and also kill a lot of enemies for you.

So these were some of the best tips regarding your Clash of Clans Best Raiding Army. If you want to read more about the world of Clash of Clans, keep visiting our website.

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