Clash of Clans is not all about wars and conquest. But, it is all about farming either. When you start playing this game, there comes a time when get to attack other players. Especially when you are a part of a clan, your teammates expect more of you. Now, without learning about Clash of Clans Best Attacks and Strategies you cannot accomplish what you want.

Clash of Clans Wars is all about attacking other bases and winning the 3-stars. Most of the hard work you do in the game is useless if you are unable to get 3 stars or at least 2 stars. That is why today, we are going to show you some of the best attacks which will help you to learn more about the attacks and how they work in the game.

There are going to be six different video tutorials from town hall 6 to town hall 11 so you can learn attacking strategies for Clash of Clans at different town hall levels. Let us begin with what we are here to do.

Clash of Clans Best Attacks and Strategies with Video Gameplay:

The first attack is this town hall 6 attacks. This is not the most difficult of levels but if you are attacking players at greater town hall levels, you can definitely use guide:

This second attack is at town hall level 7 which requires you to be even more strategic and the following gameplay will guide you the best:

On a level such as a town hall 8, your enemies are stronger and so do you. However, without a proper and planned attack, none of it is going to work for you:

The Town Hall Level 9 is hard to achieve but with so many upgrades, all you need is a good strategy like in the video tutorial given below to beat your enemies:

This is even harder but not enough so you will be able to beat your enemies if your attack was properly planned:

This is the level for invincible attackers where you could easily destroy town levels below you. However, at the same level, you could use a better strategy to get the best of your opponent:

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