In Clash of Clans, there are different troops that you can use for attacking the enemy clan and of course, they will also use different troops to come and get you so you need to have your defense strategy like the base war Th 10 anti-Valkyrie. The reason why you want a TH war base anti-everything is so that your war base is safe from everything that the enemy clan sends your way.

You must also have a Th war base anti 3-star strategy so that even if the enemy is attacking from the air using inferno, you still are protected.

Th 10 war base 2018 anti 2 stars:

Th 10 war base anti-everything 2017 was quite popular among the players because it secured their base against anything that the enemies were bringing their way. They could bring Pekka +hogs coc and you could still protect your base.

Th 10 war base anti 2 star is also quite good enough and you might have to watch some videos to learn how to do that. You can take some tips from the best Th 10 war base 2017 for your own village. Townhall 10 base 2017 was quite clever as many players arranged their defense and attack in their own way. One of the best places to learn about these war base strategies is the Godson clash of clans which is a YouTube channel teaching you all about the game.

Th 10 war base Anti Valkyrie and Bowler:

Valkyries are quite powerful and you need to protect your war base from them. Form your strategy based on the cons of the troop like it takes a few hours for it to get ready to raid and it is expensive. So, your defense strategy should be according to the different features of the troops you are fighting against.

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