A couple of months above I posted a cool farming techniques with Goblins Knife and a considerable amount of players have been utilizing it since then. However, that it is a gorgeous farming strategy (you can take a look about it at here) yet it’s truly difficult to get Dark Elixir, particularly for late-TH9 players, players who simply think about Dark Elixir after maxing each and every defenses with Gold and Elixir. That is the reason today I will tell you a fresh Dark Elixir farming strategy for Town Hall 9 and 10 by using Goblins , and this technique shared by Atekihcan!

Clash of Clans Goblin Knife Without Heroes

How to prepare troops for Goblin Knife Farming Strategy ?

This is a special point and you have to stick it to your mind, as we are guiding you without using Heroes. So, lets started!

Army and Spell Composition:

  • Train 3 Giants + 2 Wall Breakers each Barrack.
  • Train 34 Archers in 1 Barrack.
  • Train 30 Goblins in each of the rest 3 Barracks.
  • 2 Jump Spell and 2 Rage Spell for Town Hall 9.
  • 2 Jump Spell and 2 Rage Spell plus 1 Healing Spell for Town Hall 10.

Goblin Knife Without Heroes Strategy

Lets go for right attack without having Heroes !

This farming technique uses Giants plus Wall breaker to trigger up the base and also a few Archers to make the channel.

After this was done, the Goblins will probably be dropped with different finger-style and go for the treasure zone alongside the Town Hall in the center. To do this, you can utilize a Jump Spell.

If this all done properly, it should be a great loot. Good Luck!






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