Okay guys, now I am about to give you an easy guide on deciding on the best spells for your Clash of Clans army.

clash of clans troops strategy

How to choose the right spells for your Army ?

Normally we know, many attacks we use from tardy Town Hall 8 to Town Hall 11 have 2-stage attack strategies. To illustrate, Killsquad -> Hog or Lava Hound -> Balloon.

And, I have noticed lots of attacks faltering due to the off track spell selection/usage. I am quite certain that many of you guys possibly were thinking of this one but just didn’t say out noisy.

Causes behind failure of attacks:

I generally see Kill Squads with 160+ troop housing area and around 2 spells dedicated to them, or 20+ back end Hog Riders without more than 1 spell devoted to them. These types of attacks usually end without any above 2 stars.

Check before going for attack:

Very first, when create your army composition, look at the targets along with the size of it. Will there be any defense Bowler? Will there be any Tesla farm striking your Balloons? Account all those particular scenarios and bring the correct spells. Usually, using the wrong spell on the imperative subset of your attack is an extremely dreadful mistake.

Below, I am about to explain to you several examples I generally see. Just check out them as the pure examples, no longer. I would like to guide you a few examples I personally use to choose the best spells for my army composition.

Town Hall 9 Right Spells for you Army:

When you use GoVaHo, I usually can’t choose spells, truly. However this is my logic that is used for selecting the most appropriate spells for the army.

At first, I go with Hog Rider.

  • If I use less than 10 Hogs, no Healing spell needed.
  • If I use 10-14 Hogs, I will go with 1 Healing Spell.
  • If I use 15-22 Hogs, I will go with 2 Healing Spells.

Town Hall 10 Right Spells for you Army:

My target is to pull out the Clan troops, 2 Wizard Towers along with the Inferno Tower, to be able to make my Miner strategy far more effectual. Very first, I would really like to start out with my Kill Squad:

Golem + 5 Wizards + Baby Dragon + 8 Bowlers + 4 Wizards.

I left rooms for Miners and 7 more in the Clan Castle. And this is my own Miner Scale:

  • <10 Miners = 0 Spells.
  • 11-15 Miners = 1 Spell.
  • 16-23 Miners = 2 Spells.
  • 24-31 Miners = 3 Spells.
  • 32-39 Miners = 4 Spells.
  • 40-48 Miners = 5 Spells.


Well, must try that compositions and let us know via in comments!


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