When you drop the Freeze Spell, it will generate a cryogenic blast that may freeze and disable the opponent buildings and ground troops instantly. It had been born to cope with the hottest building in Clash of Clans, the Inferno Tower!

Freeze Spell

How to use freeze spell ?

Timing is crucial:

The primary thing you have to remember while using the Freeze Spell is timing.

Dealing with the Clan Castle troops:

I don’t generally see players make use of the Freeze Spell to deal with the opponent’s CC troops, however it is strongly advised at all If the enemy Clan Castle is centralized therefore you face it difficult to pull the Clan troops out along with you don’t would like to face them so soon. Just drop the spell as soon as the opponent troops turn out.

Best placement to drop the Freeze Spell?

The primary ability of the Freeze Spell is the place in which you drop it in the attack. Dropping it on Archer Towers is not a good option in any way generally. Sometimes, you can drop the Freeze Spell on certain Air Defenses if you are using Balloon attacks. Normally all crucial defenses, particularly Inferno Towers, are found in the core, the place exactly where most players generally drop the spell on. You furthermore may need to remember that the spell can’t freeze unrevealed Hidden Teslas.

Before making use of the Freeze Spells, look the opponent base to observe that If you can freeze 2 Inferno Towers at any given time or not (within 3 tiles). According to this, you should also remember that never place your Air Defenses and Inferno Towers pretty near one another.


Hope you like the guide, tell us how you use freeze spell we will add it in the article.


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