Hey everyone! Now I’ll accept it – I’ve not ever been the chief fan of farming, I’m more a war style of guy but lately (since the update) I’ve seen just how much easier farming is higher up in Titan League. As long as I can recall, Clash of Clans has had its perfect farming down in Gold and Crystal League. So far.

Clash of Clans Farming in Titan league

How to farm in Titan League ?

If, like me, you don’t need to waste hours doing small attacks but would rather plan to make a few big hauls on each cool off then it’s now very simple to achieve this up in high Champions / Titans / Legends League. There are many benefits to this – you can practice preparing real raids which you can use in war along with the huge bonuses you get after a victory almost assure you’ll get your sources back at least. Take a look at my latest attacks:

Complete planned strategy:

I usually target at the least 2 stars. Why? Well for a couple of factors. Firstly, I must ensure I get the bonus towards the end of every attack. In Titan 2 which is around 300,000 of each source and 2,000 DE. Next, I wish to make sure I definitely reach my daily star bonus – this shouldn’t be as well difficult, but if you don’t get very much time for farming, those 2 star attacks will benefit you get there.

I usually try to attack bases with 2k+ Dark Elixir. The reason behind this is quite simple – I’m using a suitable war army that expenses around 3600 dark elixir as a whole. To be able to make great DE, you need to be obtaining at the least 2k plus the 2k bonus, the rest further is profit. You will see from these 3 attacks I will make around 7k DE – not mind blowing but great if you understand the other sources as well.

The final bonus is always that you can attack any kind of base . Because you’re using a powerful army , it doesn’t concern if the base is fully maxed or is not as you should still be capable of doing the 2 star attack .


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