Right now, there have been a whole lot of chatter over the community forums along with other outlets about how exactly hard it is to get a 3 star at Town Hall 11. Since miners were nerfed into the ground, there were far less 3 stars compared to what we had become used to. However, we want not despair or quit or flail our arms in aggravation because 3 stars at Town Hall 11 will always be possible also it doesn’t take a freak accident to get one.

How to 3 Star Any TH11 Base

How to 3 Star Any Town Hall 11 ?

In below we have just concerning about Bowler Healer Combo, we is right now most trending attack among Town Hall 11.

Bowler Healer Combo attack strategy:

This often consists of around 30 bowlers and 6-8 healers. The techniques listed here are to use your bowlers on 2 nearby corners of the map with a few healers behind each one group. Clear out the exterior defenses as well as buildings using this and clear and really simple path into the center of the base. You’ll make use of a rage, a jump and a freeze to make sure that this is done with pertinent ease. Once the corners are cleared, drop the others of the bowlers either behind a Golem or behind several giants – also drop your heroes along with them. Additionally there is the possibility to have a couple of further healers at this point to help keep the bowlers up.

The great thing about this attack is that the bowlers will go into the center and under rage get 2 stars incredibly fast. After that, usually several or many of them will die but you’re left with an entire load of healers that should then help to keep your heroes awake assisting you to get that all crucial 3 star.


There’s no question – it is rather difficult to get 3 stars at present and you can find a number of talk that this might change within the December update, offering there is one. However it is in no way difficult and nobody really should have the point of view that it is difficult to get 3 stars. Do not give up, try several things if some thing specific isn’t doing work for you thereby making sure you pick perfect bases based upon your style of attack.


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