Within this guide I am going to be sharing different bases (largely at TH8) that may help you fight those hogs. The most important key in stopping opponent Hog Riders is quitting them within you very first defense wall or before. During this article I will be featuring multiple base designs which will considerably help in defending against a tremendous Hog Rider attack. We will also be giving several tips and tricks that will help you as well.

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Screenshots of Town Hall 8 Anti Hog Bases:

Anti hog base th8

This base is very much effective against Hog attacks because of multiple Giant Bombs, which is very much efficient and blow all the Hogs in one blow!

COC Town Hall 8 Anti Hog Base

This base is very much tricky, because most of us know that if there is a gap there should be a Giant Bomb, but in this case everything is opposite, the attacker totally fails to judge that exactly where are Giant Bombs!

Anti Star Hog Rider TH8 Base

This base is very much technical, and you know the interesting part even I can’t max it with that troops!


With lots of players still utilizing the huge Hog attack technique, it is rewarding to ensure that those Hogs usually do not demolish each one of your defenses. I talk from expertise in this article, I have controlled a large number of mass Hogs attacks as well as I would detest to show people several garbage. Which explains why I wanted to provide you with our top 3 for Town Hall 8. Remember, will not likely be able to ward off each and every attack.


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