Hi guys! I’ve created this post for the sole purpose of giving access to the bases that I make for you.

I am, and will remain, a max TH9 very interested in war. Therefore, all the bases I add in this post will be war bases. These bases have all been used in high-level wars, and were designed by myself. To create these bases, I often start with the wall skeleton of one more base, and modify it as needed. From there, I place all buildings, and post the base in several high level base building chats to get feedback. After I make changes per advice given to me, I finally test the layout out in FC’s, after that in war.

Most of these bases have been used in wars that likely have a YouTube channel or access to a streamer, so do not think that any of these bases are secretive.

As you guys probably know, TH9 is fairly broken, because any base can certainly be 3-starred. I’m not looking for feedback on all these bases, as all TH9 bases are poor to something and can be exploited. It’s a given. The days of getting a great base and riding it for months at a time are gone. Nowadays, you will ideally want a new base for every war, and have it be as good as possible simultaneously.

If you take a base, please let us know! Simply comment on the post when you take a base, so that everybody knows that someone else has taken that base.

Hope this helps! Clash on everyone!

Clash of Clans TH9 War Base:

Town Hall 9 War Base


TH9 War Base

 War Base TH9
Town Hall 9 Base
Town Hall 9 War Base 2017
TH9 Clan War Base

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