If you are into adventure games, you must try out Clash of Clans supercell. The game is extremely fun and you can push the limits of your imagination with this game.

The best part is that you are in control of most of what happens in the game from making your own army to your own village.


Clash of Magic 2019

So, it is just a game where you can do whatever you want and have a virtual world where you build things and fight enemies while making strategies on how to defeat the clans that your rivals have formed together.

clash of magic coc


clash of magic server


clash of magic server

Clash of Lights Magic S2:

The original game that is Clash of Clans is hosted on the servers of the developers and publishers called Supercell. However, Clash of Lights magic is not operated by the server and it is hosted on private servers.

These servers are quite high speed and they ensure that the game works without any glitches or any low-speed performance issues. So, you can play without any interruption and you will have very secure gameplay.

Another notable thing about these private servers is that they can protect you from hackers. Also, you will not be a victim of DDOS attacks.

This means that your information is safe when you play on these servers and your identity will remain secured in their totally encrypted interface.

Since it is a private server, it is different from the servers of Supercell. These private servers have four versions and each of them have their own benefits and their distinctive features.


Clash of Clans Official.

While some of them come with custom modifications, other work the same way as the original game does.

Download Clash of Magic S1 apk download Free:

If you want to download the first version of these private servers, you can download it from here

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