Clash of Magic S4 for Clash of Clans is the fourth and last private server from Clash of Magic. Though its predecessor Clash of Magic S3 didn’t attract much attention from the players, this one overcame all those problems and also became a fan-favorite. To get this private server, download Clash of Magic S4 APK right now from our website. We will also discuss the features, installation process, and a complete review of this server. While we are at it, let us begin.

Clash of Magic S4 APK

Clash of Magic S4 Features Review:

When most of the private servers are launched and also in the previous versions of Clash of Magic, the compatibility with the Apple phones and tablets weren’t really good. However, with the launch of Clash of Magic S4, that has been overcome and now S4 from Clash of Magic is a server with huge compatibility for iPhones and iPads. However, your IOS needs to be jailbroken in case you want to run this server properly. Also, there is added compatibility for the IOS versions which couldn’t run the server before this.

One of the reasons why people love Clash of Magic S2 is because of its speed. In the previous reviews, we have mentioned how that makes the server the most used one from the series. However, Clash of Magic S4 is even faster and we can predict that this is going to take over pretty soon. Whether it is on the Android or IOS, S4’s speech is impeccable. Also, the speed remains constant so it can tolerate more players at a single time. Being a light server, gamers on the older operating systems prefer it.

So this is the final version of the show and also the most powerful one. Even though it is still not as popular as S2, there are many upgrades which are soon going to make it so. For the first time, a Clash of Magic server has been upgraded to a level where both the IOS and Android players of Clash of Clash seem happy. These are equal upgrades on both side, the best compatibility, and also the installation has been made easier for the users. To get this version, download Clash of Magic S4 APK free right now on our website.

The way it supported mods, this was the only reason the players were downloading S3. Now, the same has been added for S4 and in fact, this is even better when it comes to running mods. The compatibility is better since it is fast, you are going to enjoy gaming even more on this one. Download and install all the mods you want in Clash of Clans using this private server and you are definitely in for some real treat.

How to Download and Install Clash of Magic S4 APK?

  1. Download the free Clash of Magic S4 APK right now by clicking the link given.
  2. Enable the unknown source option in the security settings of the server.
  3. Run the installation and there you go.
  4. Root your Android in case you need to do DNS customization.

Download Clash of Magic S4 APK Free:

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