Base Design issues so much in Versus Battles – it’s accountable for half of your success and regardless of how good you’re at attacking, in case your base will get continually wrecked you received’t have the ability to get into the upper Trophy Ranges the place the loot is sweet. I gathered collectively the most recent strong base designs for BH6 and also will replace them continually.

One factor earlier than we begin, in case you use a base you discover on the web it’s best to at all times attempt to change it just a little bit. Right here’s a brief information the right way to do it:

Builder Hall 6 Base Layouts

Earlier than I present you the perfect defensive Builder Hall 6 Base Designs, I additionally wish to advocate some articles in regards to the Builder Base that it’s best to learn as nicely:

Learn right here extra about strong attacking methods for Builder Hall 6:


Anti-2-Star Builder Hall 6 Base Design

This can be a good base to make use of, as a result of setup with Multi Mortar and Roaster it’s nearly not possible to make use of Witches.

anti 2 star builder hall 6 base layout nightmode clash

Additionally, different methods could have big issues crushing this base on account of the truth that the Crushers are deep inside the bottom and the Battle Machine will at all times get dragged into the Crusher by the Guard Submit troops.

One other Anti 2-Star Format

I actually like this base as a result of it shuts down the chance to wash off the trail to the Builder Hall after which ship within the Battle Machine – that’s what like 80% of all attackers do as we speak.

The wall construction on the underside aspect prevents that with the double wall, so the Battle machine won’t ever break via the wall – on the other aspect the partitions across the Builder Hall direct the Battle machine wherever else than in the direction of the Builder Hall. You possibly can see that completed within the replays I’ve linked to the image of the bottom.

anti battle machine bh6 base

Massive props to Benji for creating this structure!


Nice BH6 Format

This base structure works nicely towards a number of attacking setups as a result of compartments within the higher half and the double Crusher close to the Builder Hall. Entering into with all forces (e.g. Barbarians & Giants) from either the north aspect or the south aspect will finish dangerous for the attacker.

builder hall 6 anti 2-star base design

Additionally sniping with mass Archers is tough as a result of they’ve nearly no likelihood to get the Crusher out of the way in which (similar ftoChild Dragons).

Funneling Builder Hall 6 Base

I’m certain you’ve seen this base earlier than, the reason is that it really works fairly nicely towards many compositions and attacker who don’t know precisely what they’re doing. The principal characteristic of this base is the Crusher places which can be behind the funnel and each troop that may come via the funnel will hit the Firecracker first, however, get hit by the Crusher.

builder hall 6 troll base

The Multi Mortar and Roaster are additionally deep sufficient within the base to not get taken down simply to start with and without Bomber, there’s no manner that troops will break via partitions – they are going to at all times take the trail via the funnels.

Anti Three-Star Base Format BH6 (High Participant, solely maxed defenses)

This base is utilized by High 100 Gamers, however, you’ll need your defenses at Degree 5 to make use of it as a result of it is determined by the excessive DPS.

bh6 base 5000 cups working

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