Witches, launched again in 2013, is the troop that has been buffed and nerfed greater than another troop in Conflict of Clans. Witches have been very highly effective after they have been first launched and fashionable within the GoWiWi technique for a very long time however when Skeletons have been nerfed to not set off any traps anymore, they grew to become one of the ineffective troop. Witch had many buffs and nerfs after that, however, they confronted their largest buff in the October 2016 replace. Their HP was elevated by a whopping 140% and other adjustments have been made. The Witch Slap technique really originated in June 2017.

After the Builder Corridor 6 replace, some bugs precipitated Witches spawning Skeletons relentlessly, even whereas they’re strolling. This precipitated the technique now to be referred to as the Witch Slap, although the bug was fastened, however, the technique remains to be extraordinarily highly effective, particularly at City Corridor 9. Now, let’s take a look how does this work.

How Witch Slap Works

Witch slap is fairly simple to execute on the whole.

Drop Four-5 Witches with a few Healers on two corners of the bottom.

When the funnel is created, drop a Golem adopted by 2-3 Wizards and Archer Queen, deploy the Barbarian King and the Bowlers out of your Clan Fortress – this may decimate the core whereas your Witches are caring for enterprise on each aspect (the perimeters you’ve chosen to start with relying the place you deployed them) of the bottom.

Nonetheless, there are some factors it’s essential to be very cautious about; e.g. the funnel must be correct. If the funnel has been made flawed, Healers will go away the Witches and support your foremost kill squad, leave them extremely weak – as you’ll be able to see right here:

witch slap fail

This may value you the 3-star victory. So, let me clarify the primary a part of this technique, however, proper earlier than attending to that, let’s take a look at another stats concerning this technique.

Which Townhall Stage does Witch Slap Work?

Townhall 9

Professionals of Witch Slap

  1. This Technique works on a wide range of bases and might simply sweep away a lot of the fashionable anti 3-starbases (aside from those which are anti-witch)
  2. Excessive Success in Clan struggle

Cons of Witch Slap

  1. Extraordinarily costly in Darkish Elixir
  2. Each of the Heroes must be to an honest degree

Most important Function of this assault

Clan War

Trophy pushing with this technique will not be really useful.


Military Composition for Witch Slap

  • Eight-10 Witches
  • Four Healer
  • 1 Golem
  • 2-3 wizards
  • Fill with clean-up troops (Archers, Goblins and many others.)
  • Max Bowlers within the CC

Spell Composition for Witch Slap

  • 2 Soar Spell
  • 1 Rage Spell
  • 1 Therapeutic Spell
  • 1 Poison Spell
  • One other Poison Spell within the CC

After all, you’ll be able to mess around with the composition relying on the bottom you’re attacking, however, you need to have Eight Witches and Four Healers not less than.

Now, with all that being mentioned, let’s get into the primary factor.

Witch Slap step-by-step

This attacking fashion is by no means that arduous to know. The essential standards of this technique are:

  1. Break up your Witches & Healers into two teams, every consisting Four-5 backed up by 2 Healers
  2. Select the right aspect to start the assault and drop the teams in every nook
  3. As quickly because the funnel is ready up correctly, drop your Golem adopted by a pair Wizards and the Archer Queen
  4. Drop the Wall Breakers as wanted & use Soar Spell(s) to open up the bottom
  5. Deploy your Barbarian King and the Bowlers out of your Clan Fortress
  6. Drop the Rage and Heal Spell(s) as wanted when your kill squad reaches the core
  7. Poison Spells on defending CC troops
  8. Clear it up

Fairly simple, huh? Effectively, by no means.

There are two issues it’s essential to be very cautious about once you’re going to make use of this technique:

  • Scouting the correct base
  • Creating the Funnel

1. Scouting

There are a number of issues that it’s essential to search for once you’re discovering a base to assault with this technique.

A) The situation of Air Defenses

Healers are the primary help troop of Witches, respectively Skeletons. They are going to assist her to overpower the splash harm buildings (like Mortar & Wizard Towers). If the Air Defenses are offset however out of the vary of Witches, then they’ll simply shoot off the Healers making your Witches extremely weak and after that, all of her Skeletons are useless so the purpose defenses will kill them simply.

witch slap scouting

B) X-Bows and splash defenses

One other factor you ought to be cautious about is X-Bows. Solely X-Bows can actually kill your Witches whereas they’re being healed by Healers, so if Witches are focused by an X-Bow and another level/splash harm, your Witches will probably die one after the other earlier than even your kill squad reaches the core.

Additionally, watch out for offset Wizards Towers! If the bottom has none of those defensive options you’re good to go along with this technique.

2. Creating the Funnel

The Funnel is the important thing for any profitable assault. No person desires his/her troops to go properly across the base as an alternative to going to the core.


The funnel must be proper and the teams of witches ought to be distant from the Kill Squad or the Healers will merely go away the Witches!

witch slap funneling

So, ensure that the healers will stick with the teams of Witches after which nothing’s going to harm the women and they’re going to simply slap the defender away for a 3-star victory.

witch slap kill squad


All in all, I discovered this technique very pleasant and I exploit this beautiful typically since I’m a TH9 myself. With all these “Larry’s” everywhere in the base, it’s enjoyable to slap somebody. However, individuals have begun to defend in opposition to this technique (however by far not all people).

I nonetheless discover some bases fairly simple to Slap and I wished to cowl this technique earlier than all people begins defending in opposition to it so that you just guys who’re unknown to this technique but, can have some enjoyable with this. Examine our guide to defending against witches here.

Now, as all the time, let me know within the remark part down beneath how’d prefer it and likewise ask me questions, recommend me some concepts concerning guides that I ought to otherwise you guys need me to do.

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