Black Screen problem is one of those which gamers experience the most. Doesn’t matter whether it is on a PC, play station or Xbox consoles, or android smartphone devices, the error which is known to occur the most is this black screen problem. Now this is always caused due to different issues in different games and you cannot apply the same fix to all the games. Even though Clash of Clans is a game which faces such problem once in a blue moon, still the issues happen and that is why you have got to know how to fix. Clash of Clans Black Screen problem has occurred to a lot of users and today, we have got some of the fixes which are definitely going to work for you. So let us now teach you how to fix Clash of Clans Black Screen problem.

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Different Methods to Fix Clash of Clans Black Screen.

Listed below are some of the methods which you can use to fix black screen in COC.

Method 1.

One of the operating system with which the game faced compatibility issues the most is Android Lollipop 5.0. Many players have reported to have faced the problem when they installed OS 5.0. This is even more frequent on Google Nexus devices. So if you have the same OS and facing this issue, you could either downgrade the operating system or update it. And this should fix the issue for you.

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Method 2.

Another method which could work for you is to restoring your factory settings. Many problems in the games could occur due to bugs and other problems in your phone and when you restore the factory settings, all those issues could get resolved and thus, it could fix your Clash of Clans Black Screen problem as well.

Method 3.

Make sure that you do not install the game on your SD Card. I mean it would work fine but it would stop in case of any corruption, virus or any other issue with the SD. So make sure to install the game on internal memory and even if you do install it on SD, make sure that it is bug free.

So this is how you fix Clash of Clans Black Screen problem with different methods. Stay tuned to our site for more COC stuff in the future, keep visiting Attackia.

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