Talking about one of the very few and best private servers for Clash of Clans, the Clash of Magic is definitely the ruling and most famous these days. The features which it has brought for the players has everyone under its enchantment and it compelled us to review each of the four servers in the series separately. Besides the review, you will also be able to download the free Clash of Magic S1 APK from our website. There are many features due to which it has become really popular and people want to get it. We shall move ahead and commence our review.

Clash of Magic S1 APK Review:

Clash of Magic S1, Since this is the stuff which is not recommended and sponsored by the official place of Super Cell, most of the developers don’t take the best of approaches in order to bring these services for the players. That is why the players have to go through different stuff such as rooting their phones in order to use stuff such as different private servers and mods. However, as far as the Clash of Magic is concerned, there is no need for you to root your phone in order to use the private server.

Clash of Magic S1 APK

Also, one of the reasons why people are using these private servers is the speed which is really immense on these servers. This makes the gameplay and making progress in the game much easier. Now when it comes to the factor of speed, we have seen that clash of magic s1 hack has really done the job for the players and now, they are loving while playing the clash of clans on a private server like this one.

We really appreciate the efforts of the manufacturers because, for the first time, they have given an open-hand to the users of these private servers. By giving the open-hand we mean, the access to the users even to the DNS settings of the server. Now when you own your own private server from the Clash of Magic, you can also customize it according to your requirements and due to this features, it has become really popular.

With the progress in time, this server is getting some new and amazing upgrades due to which it has become really popular over the years. Now after 3 years of its release, the fours versions of Clash of Magic have completed dominated the hub and is the most used private server out there. It also helps you in getting the official updates for the game. You can use mods as well due to which the users have no option but to this get this server.

Clash of Magic S1 APK Features:

Listed below are some of the top features of the server:

  • We are providing you the free Clash of Magic S1 APK Download.
  • There are many resources which are absolutely free in the game.
  • You do not need to root your Android for this update.
  • You are provided access to the DNS settings of the server.
  • For DNS editing feature, you will need to root your phone though.
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Download Clash of Magic S1 APK Free:

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