Clash Of Clans Winter Update sneak peeks were released yesterday, but, while you wait, here you will get a new troops list launched by Supercell after the Christmas Update 2016.

coc update 2016

New troops and spells level launched after the recent update:

A good number of brand new troops and spells are making their way into this month’s update with the most being focused on the upper level, Town Hall 11.

  • Golem 6 (Town Hall 11).
  • Hogs Rider 7 (Town Hall 11).
  • Poison Spell 5 (Town Hall 11).
  • Baby Dragon 5 (Town Hall 11).
  • Skeleton Spells spawn 26 skeletons over a single spell slot.


For complete information, make sure to look at Supercell’s official blog statement as well as follow their Facebook or Twitter page for additional live updates. Keep stick with us for more details.

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