Clash of Clans is a strategy game for android and other smartphones but did you know that this can also be played on PC? Most who don’t know about this fact would find it hard to believe since COC is solely made for smartphone devices. Well, this is true and you can definitely get Clash of Clash on your PC. This is done with the help of a software named Bluestacks which has gained a lot of popularity due to its function of running the android APK files. Now doesn’t matter if you don’t have an android smartphone, you can always Clash of Clans Download for PC with Bluestacks and start playing COC on your PC. This also gives you the advantage of playing on a bigger screen and have even more fun. Now I am going to give you a free guide on how to get the Clash of Clans download for PC and start playing it.

COC Download for PC

How to get Clash of Clans Download for PC?

Now this guide will help you to download and install clash of clans on your pc and start enjoying the most amazing game on the android smartphones. This is done two ways. First method is very easy. All you have got to do is to hit the Google Play Store on your Bluestacks and install the game from there.

The second step is the manual one which you are going to do by downloading the external APK and install it on your device. Go to any random website and download a free Clash of Clans APK. Then follow the steps given below to install the game.

1. In your Bluestacks, click the APK option.

Clash of Clans Download for PC

2. Once you have clicked the APK option, a window will open and you will need to select the download APK files for COC and then click open.

Clash of Clans Download for PC

Once followed this step, the app will be installed on your computer and then you will be enjoying one of the best games ever made for the android smartphones.

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