For those who’re City Corridor 9 and above, your base very probably will get hit by LaLoon (additionally known as LavaLoon) assaults incessantly. Air assaults are common with none doubt, so it’s about time to make an Anti LaLoon Base (and provides them a tough time attacking your base).

Within the first a part of this information I’ll present you ways LaLoon assaults work and what makes them robust. This elementary understanding might be helpful to discover methods to defend towards them. Within the final part, I gathered some base designs that work nicely towards LaLoon assaults.

Let me begin with the fundamentals and present you ways LaLoon assaults work within the quite simple mechanic. From understanding how the assaults actually work, I can present you what they depend on and the way to cease giving them a free raiding ticket in your base.

How LaLoon assaults work basically?

This assault has three phases:

  1. The Lava Hounds go in and set off traps and get all defenses to concentrate on them
  2. Then the Balloons transfer in and go for the defenses
  3. When a LavaHound dies, the Lava Pups, comparable to Minions, will begin both proceed distracting defenses or keep alive to clear up trash buildings

The vital half is that the Lava Hound not solely provides many hitpoints that may maintain your defenses busy and set off Air Bombs that aren’t harming it, it should additionally spawn the cleansing forces when it dies.

lavaloon scouting bases

So how can we put a spoke of their wheels (or higher mentioned, their wings)?

How to cease LaLoon & Air Assaults

If you need to cease a sure attacking composition, it’s exhausting to determine what a part of the assault is fragile sufficient to concentrate on.

In our case right here, there usually are not that many choices apart from getting the Lava Hounds down as fast as attainable and getting the Balloons down quick.

I do know, not the largest shock, however there are some issues that we are able to use towards them:

  1. Lava Hounds will at all times goal the closest Air Protection so we are able to precisely forecast their pathing
  2. Balloons are very sluggish and weak to splash harm

Listed below are the issues we’d like to do to:

Air Protection Places

Usually, the attacker will take down one Air Protection prematurely – both with spells (2 Lightning Spells & 1 Earthquake Spell) or a Queen Stroll.

That’s okay since you may’t stop it. It’s going to occur so simply let it occur. Within the case of the Queen Stroll, you shouldn’t make it too simple for the opponent.

At all times attempt to have your Air Defenses unfold out round your base, however not too simply reachable from the surface. This may stop a surgical Queen Stroll or Hog Riders.

Nevertheless, don’t have them too close to the core. In any other case, the troops will focus and undergo your base shortly.

My recommendation is to have them on the second line, so there’s at all times one other constructing between the Air Defenses and the surface ring.

air defense locations anti laloon

One other essential factor is, in the event you’re TH10 or greater, to have the Air Defenses in slight vary of your Multi-Goal Inferno Towers to allow them to cope with the Lava Pups.


Throughout the previous months, a really efficient manner of Air Protection location developed as you may see right here on this structure:

anti air base layout

As you may see, the Air Defenses are targeting one aspect whereas the opposite aspect options the Wizard Towers. This works extraordinarily nicely, as a result of:

  1. If the attacker doesn’t assault from the aspect the place all of the Air Defenses are, the Lava Hounds will undergo the entire base and the Balloons usually are not protected.
  2. If the attacker goes in from the aspect of the Air Defenses, they are going to take down the Lava Hounds loads sooner and your different defenses have a greater shot on the Balloons

That is what an excellent Anti-LaLoon / Anti-Air base is all about!

Core Protection

Forestall making the largest mistake by letting Balloons destroy your City Corridor. Many individuals neglect that Balloons deal splash harm they usually can completely wreck a core like this:

defending against balloons

Do you see the error the defender made?

He positioned the defenses in order that they contact the City Corridor – this implies the splash harm of the Balloons may also deal harm to the City Corridor. Test this out:anti laloon core base design

For those who maintain this in thoughts you’ll save your self from dropping extra Stars quite a lot of occasions.

Searching for Air Mines & Air Bomb Location

Now when you might have the final setup prepared (or take one of many bases beneath), it’s time to concentrate on putting the traps proper.

  • Searching for Air Mines ought to hit the Lava Hounds to get them down sooner
  • Air Bombs shouldn’t hit the Lava Hounds, they need to hit the Balloons

These two objectives are important to defend towards a LaLoon assault and it’s simpler to place them than you may suppose now! Why? Nicely, you may predict the pathing now very exactly!

  1. Searching for Air Mines work nice both on the exterior the place the Lava Hounds will get deployed (that may additionally assist loads towards Healers in case Bowlers/Queen Walks assault your base) or subsequent to the Air Defenses.
  2. Air Bombs needs to be away from the trail the Lava Hounds take to not get triggered by them and hit the Balloons ultimately.

Let me clarify this with this structure I’ve been utilizing for a while now (i confirmed it additionally above):

laloon pathing

Like 90% of all LaLoon assaults are available in from the aspect of the Eagle Artillery, as a result of in any other case it should hammer down the assault – this base already forces the attacker to do a mistake. Now I’ll hit 2 Lava Hound down to half their well being earlier than they even attain the Air Defenses on the opposite aspect.

I positioned them on the surface as a result of this additionally helps me excellent towards Healers as nicely.

The Air Bombs are concentrated in a spot the place the Lava Hounds by no means go as their pathing forces them to the closest Air Protection that are those on the surface.

It’s at all times essential that you just examine your defensive replays to see which aspect attackers want to assault:

Hidden Tesla Nook

Setting one in all your Hidden Teslas within the nook is a pleasant assist to stop three Star assaults towards your base, particularly in Clan Wars.

The troops are sluggish and fragile when the spells are all used, so a Hidden Tesla within the nook could make a distinction between a 2 Star and a three Star assault. The troops will run out of time or the Hidden Tesla takes down some single remaining Lava Pups.

This works greatest with a Hidden Tesla as a result of the attacker received’t comprehend it’s there till he destroys at the very least 50% of the bottom.

X-Bow Modes

A few of your X-Bows needs to be set to Floor & Air Mode! You want their DPS, particularly to take down the Lava Pups from a protracted distance. For those who set all of them to the Floor & Air mode, your base will get very weak towards Queen Walks, so I at all times like to maintain half of them in lengthy vary mode.

Clan Citadel Troops

I personally like Wizards most, as a result of the Lava Hounds will set off the Clan Citadel first and a few maxed Wizards will deal severe harm on the Lava Hound with out struggling harm themselves.

You can even check out a Child Dragon together with Wizards or a Dragon. The self-enraged Child Dragon offers good harm with a quick hearth price.

The benefit of Dragons is, that LaLoon assaults solely have the Archer Queen that’s ready to shoot them, however they are going to begin dealing their harm within the first line the place the Balloons are and hit a few of them down earlier than the Archer Queen reaches them – additionally, the Poison Spell isn’t robust sufficient to take them down 🙂

Anti LaLoon Conflict Base Designs for City Corridor 9 to City Corridor 11

Listed below are some base layouts that work nicely towards LaLoon assaults. Please observe that these are solely samples and want some customization from you relating to traps! Learn right here why:

Once more, in the event you skipped the higher half right here’s what an excellent Anti-LaLoon Base / Anti-Air Base ought to characteristic:

  1. Air Defenses on one aspect of the bottom, Wizard Towers on one other aspect
  2. Air Defenses ought to at all times be second in line so surgical Hogs or Queen Walks can’t attain them simply
  3. No Protection needs to be instantly subsequent to the City Corridor! Balloons splash harm might take down the City Corridor “accidentially” (besides Conflict Bases with offset City Halls, as a result of the City Halls will go down early within the raid anyway)

TH9 Anti-LaLoon Conflict Base

Here’s a City Corridor 9 Conflict Base Layouts that characteristic the Air Defenses like described above plus a Wizard Tower farm and a Hidden Tesla farm with excessive DPS that may knock down just about something that tries to clear off the bottom.

th9 war base layout anti 3 star 2017

City Corridor 10 Anti LaLoons Conflict Base

This base does defend with the lengthy methods for the Balloons, so the Wizard Towers are little extra unfold out. You possibly can make sure that the Balloons will journey by means of every Wizard Tower vary and get shot down with the splash harm and the core is protected by funneling the Balloons to the surface ring.

th10 anti 3 star clan war base design

TH11 Anti LaLoon Base Format

For City Corridor 11 I’ve three layouts that you should use. All of them power the attacker to get the assault into the Eagle Artillery, which is the aspect the place the Air Defenses are – the opposite aspect of the bottom then will destroy the Balloons simply:

th11 war base layout anti 3 star
anti 3 star war base layout for april town hall 11


With some strong strategies and frequent evaluation of your Protection Log, you’ll have the ability to pull out 10-20% profitable defenses towards Lava Hounds and Balloons.

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