One creature that you don’t want your enemies to have in Clash of Clans is the Bowler. This serpent is quick and gives maximum damage when he is a part of the enemy team. Being a new COC player, you may need some quick tips and tricks in order to defend your base against this serpent. So, for that purpose today, I am going to show you how to create an effective anti-bowler TH11 base. Also, I am going to how you that how the attack of the bowlers work and what do you need in your base in order to defend those attacks.

anti bowler war base th11

How do Bowlers Attack?

Here are few things which you need to know before you create a base that might be effective to stop the bowlers.

1. One of the greatest strengths of the bowler is his range. He can attack from a good range while bringing some good damage to your base and troops.

2. Bowlers don’t die very fast since they have plenty of health in their quota and it is going to take some while for your troops to beat him.

3. The rage spell is one of the abilities of the bowlers which you will want to fear because when active, he is going to destroy many parts of your base within a matter of seconds.

Since you have now a very good idea of the attack of the bowlers, here is what you are going to do while creating an effective anti-bowler th11 base.

Tips & Tricks to Create an Effective Anti-Bowler Th11 base.

Here is a list of some good tips and tricks by using which you can effectively defend against these little but powerful creatures. Let us begin with them now.

1. The bowlers have a life support which makes them remain alive for longer. By cutting that life support as soon as possible, you can reduce their lifetime and beat theme easily.

2. Since I have already mentioned that they are quite slow with their movements, you will need some quick troops in your army to beat them and the bowlers will be completely miserable.

3. See the area of your base where these bowlers are attacking the most and deploy hardened troops or giants there to kill these serpents as quickly as possible.

4. Since bowlers have the great ability to attack from good distances, you can place towers such as bomb towers and others who can fire on good ranges and kill the bowlers wherever they are. Because the troops will take the time to reach the place, towers will kill them from a distance while taking some damage from them as well.

5. Traps are most important defending strategy and if you are good at them, bowlers aren’t a problem anymore. Simply put your traps in the right places where bowlers usually come and you are successfully going to kill them.

And this how you create or take measures for creating an effective anti-bowler th11 base. I really hope that this guide helped you. Let us know by commenting your feedback in the comments section and keep visiting our website for more.


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