Being on the internet for a long time and using android or other smartphones especially the most popular social media platform, Facebook, it would be a pretty well gimmick if someone says that you can play Clash of Clans online on Facebook. Yes, it is true that COC is available to play online when you get it from the respective play store of your smartphone built and play it online. All of us know that Clash of Clans is an online strategy game where you work as a commoner to build your town hall, raise your defenses in the form of walls, troops, dragons, wizards, and weapons, and make a clan so that you can conquer and fight against other players online. This game, however, cannot be played on Facebook and that is why there is no benefit of searching it instead of few things mentioned below.

Clash of Clans Online Facebook

Connecting Clash of Clans to the Facebook has a lot of benefits since this is the top social media site where you share everything and people know what you are doing. Hence, some of the benefits of connecting COC to the Facebook are given below.

  1. When you connect your Clash of Clans to the Facebook, it shows all of your friends who are playing this game and you can join them in their clans. When you become a part of an already existing clan, it helps in the better progress of you in the game.
  2. When you connect to your Facebook friends in COC and join their clan, you get the benefit of sharing and receiving resources which are always helpful in building up your clan.
  3. Another benefit could be that you get all the latest updates and news related to the game and when you are updated about something, you definitely do better. Like the official page of the game on the social media platform and stay updated.

Even though you searching to play Clash of Clans online on Facebook was an innocent errand, still it proved to be useful since you got to learn quite interesting information related to the game and this is what we are here to provide. To get more interesting stuff or latest news and updates from the world of Clash of Clans, keep visiting our website.

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