Bowlers are remain a helpful attacking composition. Right now it’s the most used I see against my base because Miners were failed to be crap. That’s exactly why I thought to update this guide with certain crisp stuff that work very well for me defending against Bowlers.

th10 anti bowler valk

Anti Bowler Base TH10 defend strategy:

Bowlers have a fine level of health, deal sufficient damage, which enables it to hit next targets with their ranged strike. Particularly while under a Rage spell, they are able to eliminate sections of your base in no time. A regular attack usually works the similar manner. This guide, I basically made for TH10 bases so lets stated that exactly what techniques do I used to defend against Bowler attack strategies:

  1. Cut their lifeline; they will not be able to survive long without support.
  2. Kill them very fast as possible by placing traps outside the base.

Screenshots of some Anti Bowler Base Designs:

th10 war base with bomb tower

This base is working perfect against the bowler attack strategy, so make sure try it!







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