When you are playing Clash of Clans, you have to familiarize yourself with different bases and places in the game. There is your home village where everything is and then there is the builder base when you can build things. The elixir and coins that you have in your home village will not come to this base but the gems with come here so you can use them in this base for building things. Coc builder base layout is very easy to understand. This base is run by Master Builder. To get to this base, you need to have coc builder base 4.

This is a brand new world where you can uncover new achievements and win over gems that you can take to your home village. There are some buildings on this side that you will find familiar.

Builder Base 2 & 3 Tips for Attacking

The first one is the Archer’s tower which is associated with the attack, either long range or a fast one.

Then, there is Multi Mortar. The attack from here is very tough for your enemies to dodge.

Coc builder base 7 and coc builder base 8 also has some new editions. One of the main ones is the Crusher which is apt for crushing your enemies. Then, there is Push trap. This tosses the army in areas of your choosing that scatters the army. There is also Gem mine that helps to collect gems. If you upgrade it in the coc builder base 6 or others, it will work in a better way.

Coc builder base 5:

Coc builder base th4 is where you start to sail to the other side. From there, you can upgrade to other versions. The builder base also has a clock tower which can be used to enhance the speed of everything that you do in the Builder base. This includes resource mining and building time. Clash of Clans builder base wiki can give you more details.

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