In Clash of Clans, players have to make their own townhall which they also have to protect against other clan in the game. For this, players have to come up with good town hall bases that will keep their territory safe from opposition. Town hall 8 war base 2017 and town hall 8 war base 2018 are the recent bases that players are following and using. To find some of the best ideas for the game, you can go to the official website.

Town Hall 8 War Base anti Everything:

Th 8 war base 2018 needs to be anti-everything so that it can protect your from literally anything in the game. The designs that are given in the link above are quite good at saving you from dragons in the game or giants. As part of the attack strategy, many clans make use of dragons or giants and your base needs to be good against them.

The plans are also made to defend against hog rider attack. Some of the plans are top notch and they even have air defenses because you never know where you will get attacked from. You have to be very strategic in the placement of your defenses because the game is a combat strategy game which requires some extra skill.

You can make the Best town hall 8 war base using the ideas in the link given above. In the town hall 8 bases, you can place different defenses in different places to protect the base from hog riders, giants and dragons.

Th 8 war base anti-dragon:

Dragons can inflict a lot of damage in the game as they are majestic warriors of the game. Players can also ride their dragons to attack their opponents. Townhall 8 war base anti-dragon will keep your territory same from the other clans so plan your base defense strategy properly.

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