Welcome to TH9 Undefeated Trophy Base 2017. This base is, without doubt, one of the finest trophy pushing bases for City Corridor 9.


If you wish to push your trophies in City Corridor 9, it’s essential to have an anti-three star TH9 Trophy Base. Trophy pushing is a tremendous process of Conflict Of Clans. When you’ve got a large number of trophies, everybody will admire you! Having a TH9 Undefeated Trophy Base 2017 actually helps quite a bit. A lot of the trophy pushers use LavaLoon or Valkyrie for attacking. This City Corridor 9 trophy base is an anti-LavaLoon TH9 trophy base. So you should utilize this wonderful base with none additional dialogue or doubt!

Are you a City Corridor 9 trophy pusher? Are you on the lookout for an anti-LavaLoon or Anti Valkyrie TH9 trophy base 2017? If sure, you they’re in a good place! You should utilize this wonderful trophy base for trophy pushing in City Corridor 9.

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