Clash of Clans is a world of warriors and magicians which are serving millions of clans around the world. Most of the COC players love to have the wallpapers from their android game on their mobile screen and also the desktop and laptop computers. And that is the reason why the searches for wallpapers are very high. One of the most demanded ones is Wizard Wallpaper. Since wizards are an important part of the game, there are so many wallpapers on the internet for your mobile and computer screens. But since not all of them are as good as you may want, we have decided to come up with some of the top Clash of Clans Wizard Wallpapers. So keep scrolling below to have a look at these beautiful wallpapers and download them to make your desktop or mobile screen look gorgeous.

1. This wallpaper has a resolution of  2048×1280. While having this wallpaper on your computer screen, it will look gorgeous since it features one of the most demanded characters of the clash of clans. Also, having this wallpaper makes you look a person with a really good choice and a true clash of clans lover. All you need to do is to save the wallpaper from this page.

Wizard Wallpapers Clash of Clans


2. The resolution for this clash of clans wizard wallpaper is 1920×1080 which is full HD resolution and this one is perfect for your desktop computers and other smartphone devices which support this full HD resolution. To get this image, simply save it from this page.

Wizards Wallpapers

3. This wallpaper is also in full HD resolution and also to download this wallpaper, you will simply need to save the image from the image.

Wizard Desktop Wallpapers Clash of Clans


4. This wallpaper has a resolution of 1600×1200 which is quite good for the desktop screens mainly and for some phones as well. Save the image to get it.

Clash of Clans Waizards Wallpapers



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  1. Samim ansari

    Clash of clans game ke leadar jo hain unse me request karta hu ki Ice wizard troops ko hamesa ke liye rahne dijye.please please please.


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