Cannon Carts was once one of the highly effective troops when the Builder Base was launched however then disappeared increasingly in direction of non-existence till Supercell did buff them closely in the August 2017 balancing adjustments. Surprisingly you don’t see Cannon Carts getting used fairly often proper now, however, they have a really strong level throughout the different attacking methods – and that’s crushing diamond and boxed layouts very precisely and effectively.

On this information, I’d like to point out you how you can carry out the assault with them and what you need to preserve in thoughts to get the perfect out of your Cannon Cart assaults.

Cannon Carts in Versus Battles

Cannon Carts deal a strong quantity of ranged injury and as soon as they get “killed”, they’ll stay on the battlefield for a sure time proceed to deal their injury – referred to as their “Last Stand” means.

They’re the one troop in Nightmode Conflict that may really want tanking assist as a result of they die off extraordinarily quick and have completely no safety on their very own.

I personally don’t suggest to make use of them earlier than you’ve got them at Degree 9 (or larger) and use Boxer Giants of no less than degree 10 alongside with them – that just about the minimum you need to have in any other case they received deal sufficient injury and die far too quick to make them a viable choice. Additionally, a Battle Machine Degree 5+ could be very useful as a result of you’ve got an enormous quantity of additional tanking and injury with the Electrical Hammer means.

Attacking with Cannon Cart comply with an easy protocol:

  • Solely use them on diamond or boxed layouts
  • Ship in half your Giants and your Battle Machine to tank and activate traps
  • Ship in your Cannon Carts (usually 2 Military Camps of them)
  • Ship in the opposite half of your Giants alongside with them

The important thing to successful right here is easy – your Giants will tank so your Battle Machine is not going to get shot down too quick. At a sure level, the second wave of Giants will take over and tank till the Cannon Carts have labored their method via the entire base.

The right way to win with Cannon Carts

To begin with, let’s discuss in regards to the composition. I like to recommend utilizing 2 Military Camps of Giants and a couple of Military Camps of Cannon Carts.

Cannon Cart Deployment

Primarily, you solely need your Cannon Carts to comply with your Giants & Battle Machine into the bottom and deal their injury from a safe distance. That’s all. You don’t want any surgical deployment and plan your assaults damaged all the way down to the final second to be trustworthy.

The one factor that you’ll want to ensure is to ONLY ATTACK DIAMOND & BOXED BASES with it!

Why? The reason being that different layout will very simply distract your Cannon Carts and make them go someplace else than your tanks resulting from their longer sight and taking pictures vary. This implies your tanks will work slowly on some defenses whereas your Cannon Carts will get shot down too quick!

This is only one instance of what can occur simply while you don’t pay shut consideration! With a boxed format or a diamond format, the whole lot is wrapped up in a small house in the middle so there’s no technique to get distracted!

I feel this format you possibly can see what I imply.

Now it’s time to pick out the best entry level and the deployment timing.

What’s the perfect facet?

There’s not a lot that may occur to your Cannon Cart – regardless of the Multi Mortar or a Mega Mine hitting them.

The second is commonly a sport of luck and usually, your tanks will set off them earlier than your Cannon Carts get hit by them.

The Multi Mortar, nevertheless, is an extra delicate factor as a result of the lifeless space in entrance of it and Cannon Carts shifting in the are of your tanks bear an excessive threat that the Multi Mortar will goal them – after which it’s going to worsen for you as a result of your Cannon Carts is not going to survive many hits in any respect!

This implies you need to all the time goal to go for the Multi Mortar as quickly as doable when selecting the facet you’ll assault from.

Deployment Timing with Cannon Carts

Deployment with Cannon Carts isn’t any rocket science and it’s really fairly simple:

  1. Get Three Giants down alongside with your Battle Machine to interrupt via the partitions
  2. As soon as the Wall is open you possibly can deploy your four Cannon Carts that may begin shifting in
  3. Now you’ll ship to the three left Giants so they’ll stroll behind the primary line of Giants with your Battle Machine

The rationale why you do it in this fashion is straightforward. You’ll be sure that your Cannon Carts don’t get to shut to your Battle Machine and the early Three Giants so you don’t threat that they’ll get hit by splash injury by chance. The second wave of Giants will bypass the Cannon Carts quickly and take place the place Giants died, however, the benefit is that they received get any splash injury in the start and stand longer on the battlefield, that’s it.

I don’t know of any boxed or diamond format the place this technique fails to get an excessive share 2-Star and even Three-Star assault.


Utilizing Cannon Carts would be the remaining piece you must use when all different methods may fail – I’ve been displaying this recently in my information on what composition you need to use towards particular base setups.

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