Welcome to TH7 Undefeated War Base 2017. It is a new City Corridor 7 War Base of Savage Seven Clan. You need to use this Anti three Stars TH7 War Base forever.


Anybody from increased City Corridor than City Corridor 7, can simply get three stars from TH7. However, we’re speaking about City Corridor 7 VS City Corridor 7. When you have got the TH7 Undefeated War Base 2017, you’ll be able to simply defend any TH7 attackers from getting three stars out of your base.

As we all know Savage Seven clan is one of the best group for all the pieces in City Corridor 7. They’re actually very cool in TH7 War, TH7 Farming, TH7 Trophy Pushing. This anti-three stars City Corridor 7 Base is being utilized by a member of Savage Seven. This base actually works positively in clan warfare.

This TH7 Undefeated War Base 2017 will help you a large number in clan warfare. This base can defend in opposition to TH7 Air Assault and TH7 Floor Assault. In case you are on the lookout for top-of-the-line TH7 War Bases for clan warfare, they have reached the right place.

We want to suggest all of the TH7 gamers make use of this anti-three stars TH7 War Base. As this base is likely one of the greatest clans, you don’t have to fret concerning the capacity of this base.

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