Since I am moving up to TH11 so I’ll be updating all of my bases so I thought I’d share the ones I have so people here can see some fresh ideas for their bases. Most of my bases are contrary to anything I see out there and they have helped me well so hopefully you guys like all of them and find them helpful.

th10 war base anti walkyries bowler

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Basic Mechanism Behind the Bases:

Segmented Infernos are king when considering anti-3 bases these days (This means the infernos in a 6×6 box by themselves).

  • I usually make “coreless” bases, meaning I don’t have a lot of defenses right in the center. Bowlers and valks are likely to take these bases out way too easily, specifically when getting hit by a TH11 who can pop warden ability in the center and walk through it unscathed.
  • Giant Bomb locations are huge. Double and triple giant bombs are the most effective way to stop an attack in its tracks, sorry to say warden ability can make them useless so I try to spread them out at times so the warden ability cant keep the bowlers from them all.
  • Anti-queen walk. This should be clear at this point, but never have defenses put aside up on each other around the outside of the base. Best solution to stop a queen walk is simply to make it take too damn long for the queen to get everything worthwhile. You can also set some traps for her by having a spot where the inferno will hit her whilst walking around (Base #1 has this in 4 places where the queen will hit the internal storages and be in array of the inferno).
  • Last, X-Bows are just as imperative as infernos in several ways! Since air is quite in at the moment keep them all on air, spread them out and have them away from the infernos. You have 5 essential defenses so have them away from one another and make the attacker take them on just one by one as to not benefit from the warden ability.

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Town Hall 10 War Bases 2017:

Finally… here are the bases (from my favorite to least favorite):

town hall 10 war base


th10 war base


th10 war base 2017


town hall 10 war base 2017


war base town hall 10


war base th10


Let me know what you guys feel and if you do make use of them let me know how they workout!




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